October 27, 2021 

The Faculty Scholarship Symposium at Indiana Wesleyan University features the scholarly work of our faculty in fields ranging from fine arts to education to science to philosophy. The aim of the symposium is to build the Christ-centered academic community of IWU by sharing in and engaging with the scholarly contributions of our faculty members in their various fields. Please see the full schedule below. For more information, contact scholarshipcouncil@indwes.edu.

This year we are welcoming Dr. Kristen Mauk, Professor of Nursing at Colorado Christian University, as our plenary speaker. She will be giving a luncheon address (12:15-1:15pm) and a presentation at 2:30-3:00pm in the Health Science track.

Each track will have a Zoom session open from 1:30-4:30pm to enable virtual attendance. You will find the links below.

Humanities: https://indwes.zoom.us/j/98906054419?pwd=NGZETnUzRzllcVFsc3cyRjliZ09FZz09

Health Science: https://indwes.zoom.us/j/92888019508?pwd=OFdTRlJyZHRKUVYwcWZpSUlDRjVtZz09

Social Science & Education: https://indwes.zoom.us/j/5747177236

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