Education is about more than getting a degree, it is about creating life-long relationships, finding a place where you will live and grow and finding a God-given calling. Your collegiate journey is one that will take you through both triumph and testing, and forge you into who the Creator intended you to be.

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Determine Your Life Calling

Many students entering college are not completely sure what major to choose or what they plan to do after graduation. IWU has spent years helping students make these decisions and identify their life calling. The Life Calling and Career Office is internationally recognized for its innovation and expertise in this area, offering life coaching, mentoring, resume building, pre-declared student advising and career counseling.

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Student Stories

Mary-Madison Weaver

is a Nursing major and part of the JWHC, entered the work world with confidence equipped for both the expected and unexpected in life.

Kenneth Russell

is a Ministry major, saw the benefits of pairing classroom learning with practicum experience.

Robin Bullman

is a Medical Illustration major who loved connecting with professors and engaging in other disciplines that enabled her to produce meaningful work. 

Lets Break it Down

Mission Statement

Indiana Wesleyan University is a Christ-centered academic community committed to changing the world by developing students in character, scholarship and leadership.

Student Faculty RatioSTUDENT FACULTY RATIO14:1
FAFINANCIAL AID100% of incoming students are offered some form of financial aid
Christian Colleges of Distinction Indiana Colleges of Distiction 2017-2018 Colleges of Distinction

How IWU Compares

AVERAGE INDEBTNESS* $28,907 $25,500 $32,300
4-YEAR GRADUATION RATE** 51% 34.8% 53%
TUITION, ROOM & BOARD*** $34,292 $20,092 $45,365

*Data on average indebtedness is provided by

** Data on graduation rates is provided by National Center for Education Statistics.

***Data on costs are provided by College Board. All IWU data represents undergraduate from the Residential Campus only.

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