We believe that getting an education is about more than getting a degree. It is about creating mentoring relationships with professors and lifelong relationships with peers. It is about more than just finding a school, but finding a place where you will live and grow in a microcosm of the body of Christ. And earning that degree is about more than just finding a job. It is about finding a God-given calling, and building academic excellence on a foundation of scriptural truth. The four-year collegiate journey is one that should take you through both triumph and testing, and forge you into what the Creator intended you to be.

Determine Your Life Calling

Many students entering college are not completely sure what major to choose or what they plan to do after graduation. IWU has spent years helping students make these decisions and identify their life calling. The School of Life Calling and integrative Learning (SLCIL) is internationally recognized for its innovation and expertise in this area. SLCIL offers life coaching, mentoing, resume building, pre-declared student advising and career counseling. After graduation, additional coaching is available through the alumni relations office and the edge mentoring program.

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Student Stories

Mary-Madison Weaver

Mary-Madison was a Nursing major and part of the John Wesley Honors College. After graduating from IWU, she entered the work world with confidence knowing she was equipped for both the expected and unexpected in life. Watch her story to learn why.

Kenneth Russell

Kenneth, a Ministry major, saw the benefits of pairing classroom learning with practicum experience. His passion for ministry is evident in how he engaged in community life, and participated in student-faculty mentorships and one-on-one research. Learn more by watching his story.

Robin Bullman

Robin, a Medical Illustration major, fell in love with the IWU campus at an early age. Connecting with professors and engaging with other areas of discipline enabled her to produce meaningful work during her time as a student. Watch her story to learn how IWU impacted her life.

Lets Break it Down

Mission Statement

Indiana Wesleyan University is a Christ-centered academic community committed to changing the world by developing students in character, scholarship and leadership.

Student Faculty RatioSTUDENT FACULTY RATIO14:1
FAFINANCIAL AID100% of incoming students are offered some form of financial aid

Faculty Spotlight

david riggs

Assoc. Prof; Humanities | Dean; JWHC

mary alice trent

Prof; English | Chair; Modern Lang & Literature

matthew kreitzer

Professor; Biology

phoenix park-kim

Professor; Piano, Accompanist Coordinator