Dr. Aly Williams  
Vice President of Academic Affairs CAS & Chief Academic Officer, 
College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Aly Williams holds a doctorate in public health and a master's degree in physical education with an emphasis in exercise science. She has served at IWU since 2000. Prior to her role as Vice President of Academic Affairs CAS & Chief Academic Officer, she was a professor of athletic training and exercise science. Her scholarship focuses on assessing an individual’s perceived exertion during exercise and evaluating the effectiveness of various types of exercise equipment in tracking exercise intensity. She is also passionate about promoting student thriving and enhancing academic advising, working to strengthen the relationship between faculty and students.


Dr. Abson Joseph
Vice President of Academic Affairs, Wesley Seminary

Dr. Abson Joseph is originally from Haiti. He holds a Diploma in Theology from Caribbean Wesleyan College, Jamaica, a Master's in Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary, and a doctorate in New Testament Interpretation from London School of Theology/Brunel University, England. He is an ordained minister of the Wesleyan Church of Haiti, and is passionate about international theological education.  Two of his publications are A Narratological Reading of 1 Peter (2012) and Shaping Theological Education in the Caribbean: A Community Approach (2011).


Dr. J. Michael Manning 
Vice President for Academic Affairs, College of Adult and Professional Studies

Dr. Mike Manning, the recipient of the Indiana Wesleyan University President’s Award for Meritorious Service in 2016, is passionate about equipping faculty to provide excellent curriculum and instruction.  He seeks to create a team of connected and engaged faculty so that the needs of students can be met by providing outstanding learning experiences from a Christian perspective. As a demonstration of this passion, he has presented at professional conferences on such topics as hiring diverse faculty and effective use of student feedback.


Jay Wise
Dean of University Libraries

Jay’s proudest moments come when students complete a task or achieve a milestone they believed impossible. These moments are followed quickly by times he can provide staff, administrators, and faculty with needed resources. Jay is the creator of Christian Theologians, an online index of links to the writings of selected Christian theologians and is the author of “Evangelical Christianity: A World Religions List for Teens,” published in VOYA magazine. He has also presented at the American Theological Library Association annual conference.