What if you could get more than a degree at graduation? At Indiana Wesleyan University we believe college isn’t just about textbooks and exams. It’s about relationships, experiences you won’t get anywhere else, and life-changing mentors - all in a community striving to be characterized by kindness, humility, belonging, integrity, and courage. 

See what makes IWU the right choice. The world is waiting. Are you ready?

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Invest in a degree that will equip you to make a lasting difference, not create lasting debt.

IWU vs. Indiana Independent Colleges

Room & Board

Compared to similar schools, IWU provides an excellent education at an affordable price. Almost all of our students receive financial aid and support from our team of advisors eager to help you begin and complete your college journey.

IWU vs. CCCU Schools

IWU’s tuition is $1,864 less per year than the average 2022-23 tuition of the CCCU member institutions in the Midwest.
IWU offers the most aid to families with incomes of less than $30,000 of all CCCU schools in Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

The annual Council for Christian Colleges and Universities tuition study confirms that member institutions continue to offer an excellent value in comparison to other private four-year U.S. colleges. Not only are CCCU colleges less expensive, annual increases in tuition and fees are growing at a slower rate than other private four-year colleges.

IWU Rankings

See what makes Indiana Wesleyan University stand out among other college choices.


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Graduation & Beyond

Pursue your life calling and know that you have a family at IWU to help you make it happen.

Graduation Rate


IWU first-time, full-time students who earned a bachelor's degree within six years


Average graduation rate for the major 4-year degree-granting public institutions in Indiana


National 6-year graduation rate for first-time, full-time undergraduate students seeking a bachelor's degree at 4-year degree-granting institutions

A college’s graduation rate is a strong indication of its effectiveness and your potential to find success at a school. Indiana Wesleyan University is more effective than average at successfully graduating students.

Career Outcomes Rate


IWU Career Outcomes Rate


National Average for Private Institutions


National Average for Public Institutions

IWU students put their degrees to work, evident by IWU's superior career outcomes rate. Our students are truly changing the world.

Financial Stability

Average Student Debt
IWU students graduate with less student loan debt than the national average. 30% of IWU students have $0 student loan debt. The $24.9k average student debt figure is only for the 70% who have any debt.
Annual Salary
Ten years after enrolling, the average annual income of former IWU students who are working and no longer in school is $54,300, which is 58% higher than the national median.

Thrive after graduation with less debt and more income. IWU students know that investing their time and resources now will pay off, quite literally.

Additional Value

In addition to the over $27 million of institutional aid that IWU has invested in students, the university shows its ongoing commitment to providing a high quality, high-value experience to undergraduates through the following services and experiences.

Academics & Technology

Campus Life