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Indiana Youth Programs on Campus

Through the Indiana Youth Programs on Campus (IYPC) initiative, made available by Lilly Endowment Inc., IWU seeks to increase opportunities for Indiana youth to participate in learning experiences on campus in order to explore how college can be part of their future. IWU’s strategy for bringing Indiana youth to the IWU-Marion campus has two prongs: Wildcat Academic Youth Programs and the Wildcat Incubator.

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Wildcat Youth Programs

Wildcat Academic Youth Programs is a progressive educational experience for K-12 students on campus with three primary tracks: Wildcat Kids, Wildcat Jr., and Wildcat Summer Academy.

Wildcat Kids Camp

Welcomes children K-4, and their caregivers, to campus to explore and learn through play.

Wildcat Jr.

Youth in grades 5-8 to campus to engage in hands-on learning experiences.


Brings high school students (entering grades 9-12) for a week of immersive learning in various academic areas.

Wildcat Incubator

The Wildcat Incubator will be established to draw together innovative thinkers across our campus and community to address the opportunity to increase Indiana youth learning experiences on campus and the number of Indiana youth who attend college.

Wildcat Community Partnerships

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If you have questions or want more information, contact the Wildcat Summer Academy today.

765-677-2493 | academic.affairs@indwes.edu