Global Healthcare

The DNP at IWU is designed with a focus on global healthcare. International travel will be required for all students to one of three locations: China, Zambia or Haiti. The primary cost for the travel experience has been included in the tuition to facilitate the financial burden for students.

The global experience will occur as part of the Global Health Care course toward the end of the program. Students will work with faculty early in the program to determine which location will be most appropriate to meet their goals. Three to five students will travel to each location with faculty who are experienced in global travel. The expectations for travel will be addressed well in advance of the trip.

  • The cost for flights, accommodations, and several meals have been incorporated into program tuition.
  • A current passport is required.
  • Some immunizations prior to the international trip may be required as mandated by the CDC.
  • Students will travel in groups with experienced faculty.
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