Type of aid: Partially-forgivable loan
Award amounts: Up to the total cost of tuition, books, and fees
Filing deadline: No set deadline, but funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis with priority eligibility given to doctoral nursing students, per funding guidelines.
Application process: Students must submit an NFLP Application and must have a valid year-appropriate FAFSA on file
Eligibility requirements: Students must be Registered Nurses and enrolled in a graduate education nursing program (either the Master of Science in Nursing Education or Doctor of Nursing Practice) with the intent to teach full time upon graduation.
Grade-level eligibility: Graduate
Special rules: To qualify for the loan forgiveness program, students must be considered full-time faculty at an accredited higher education institution. Up to 85% of the loan may be forgiven. If students fail to meet the full-time faculty requirement, they will enter loan repayment for the entire loan amount with interest. As the loan servicer, the Employment Certification form and the Partial Loan Cancellation form should be submitted to University Accounting Services (UAS). Students may contact UAS at 800-999-6227.
Costs this aid can cover: May be applied toward cost of tuition, books, and fees

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Indiana Wesleyan University

Financial Aid Office
1900 W. 50th St.
Marion, IN 46953
800-621-8667, ext. 2516
Fax: 765-677-2030

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Last updated: 08/23/2016