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Additional Steps to Apply

1. Transcripts

Official transcripts are required from the degree-granting institution. Indiana Wesleyan University will accept for its permanent file only those transcripts sent in a sealed envelope directly to Indiana Wesleyan University by the registrar of the attended institution(s). Official transcripts must exhibit the official seal and signature of the registrar. Transcripts that are stamped "student copy," "issued to student," or "unofficial" cannot be accepted as official.

College Transcripts from Non-U.S. Schools
For college transcripts from non-U.S. schools, secure a "Course-by-Course Report" from Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE). Be sure to request that the report be sent directly to us at the address below. The evaluation must list course-by-course hours and grades.

2. Recommendation Forms

Applicants are required to submit two Candidate Disposition Admission Survey recommendation forms, one personal reference that isn’t a family member and one professional reference (education-preferred) who can attest to the applicant's character. You must use the forms that are provided.

3. CASA test score or alternative assessment. 

4. Criminal History background check.

5. TOEFL Scores

Submit a copy of your TOEFL scores if English is not your primary language. For more information about this test, visit

NOTE: A résumé, interview, and exhaustive criminal history report may be required by the school corporation before field experience and/or student teaching placement is final. Please note that state regulations may prohibit licensure for individuals who have ever been convicted of a crime of violence or of any crime that has a direct bearing on the ability to teach competently. The applicant is responsible to check with the state in which he or she wishes to be licensed prior to beginning the program.

Materials should be mailed to:

Indiana Wesleyan University
Adult Enrollment Services
1900 W. 50th St.
Marion, IN 46953

Please contact your program representative if you have any questions.

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