About the program: Online B.S. in Human Services

The online Bachelor's degree in Human Services educates undergraduate students from a biblical understanding of advocacy to enhance service delivery, management and social change through their work in human service organizations.


The online Human Services Bachelor's degree program is designed to help students apply critical thinking to real-world situations. Students in this B.S. degree program will demonstrate knowledge of the theoretical bases, best practices, and historical and current trends related to the human services profession.

Students will also be taught skills to help them identify, plan and utilize resources to improve client situations in a career as a human services manager or related occupation. Exploring ways to utilize information and systems to appropriately manage and deliver social services will be emphasized as well. The online human services degree program strives to help students understand the importance of culture, gender, diversity and global perspective when working with clients.

Upon degree completion, students will be able to:

  • Integrate biblical perspectives on providing care to oppressed or disadvantaged people
  • Assess services to identified constituencies in social service agencies
  • Advocate for positive, social change at the micro and macro levels
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and need for services rendered by social service agencies
  • Articulate a management plan for resources of the social service agency for the benefit of the community
  • Advance their studies and earn a Master's degree through a related graduate program

If you are interested in earning your Bachelor of Human Services degree, please contact our Christian university at 866-498-4968 for more information about this adult education program.

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