IWU Online Degree Programs

Whether your goal is to get an undergraduate degree so that you can take a better career path, or you’re a professional who wants to earn a Master’s degree, our accelerated online programs may offer the perfect opportunity. If you are interested in a program that provides an opportunity to earn an online degree in Indiana from an evangelical Christian university, Indiana Wesleyan is the optimal choice.

With Indiana Wesleyan University's accredited online degree programs, there's no waiting in lines; you enroll via your computer. Your books are delivered directly to your home, and you will be attending online college classes with other adults. Library support is available online or by phone or fax. Our collaborative model of distance education and dedicated faculty makes learning enjoyable. 

Distance education in Indiana at IWU is affordable, and you may be eligible for various forms of financial aid. By pursuing an online degree, you also save money by eliminating travel expenses, child care costs and other costs that are usually incurred by on-site students while still being a part of a larger, global community.


With Indiana Wesleyan University, you register for all core classes in your distance education program at one time. Prior to starting your coursework, you will receive a calendar that shows the dates for each class. You don't have to worry that a course won't be available when you need it because all of the classes in your online degree program are mapped out for you in order.


As a busy adult, you don't have time to purchase textbooks at a bookstore. IWU delivers textbooks and course materials directly to you. For most of our distance learning programs, the cost of the books is included in the total program cost.


At IWU, your educational goals become a quick reality. We recognize that your maturity and professional success will allow you to achieve your dreams at an accelerated rate. You will take courses sequentially, one at a time, usually completing a course in about eight weeks. Distance learning classes are structured to enhance your mastery of new material and at the same time build upon your life and professional experiences. You may be able to finish your online degree in half the time that would be required in a traditional campus setting.  

Online Learning

With IWU's distance education programs, you "go" to college with people who have shared experiences and are out in the working world. You and your fellow students act as consultants to one another, sharing solutions that have worked in your own experience. Class sizes are capped, creating an intimate learning experience. The curriculum for IWU's online courses is specifically designed to maximize the learning experience for adults. Course objectives, major learning activities and assignments, and assessment criteria are essentially the same for online and on-site courses; no distinction is reflected on your transcript. You will earn the same degree online as you would in a classroom. The only difference is where you hold your class discussions and where you submit your assignments.

IWU's  Learning Management System provides online degree students with a "virtual classroom" in which to interact with faculty and fellow working professionals.  

Off-Campus Library Services

IWU's Off-Campus Library Services bring a wealth of resources to our online degree students – right where they live. An extensive collection of books, journals, databases, electronic materials and library services are available. OCLS librarians and staff will help you find information that is relevant for your research needs.


Throughout your distance learning program, you will be part of a small, supportive team of adult learners who will stick with you in your pursuit of your educational goals. Our faculty members are facilitators rather than lecturers, and they know that adults learn best in an interactive format with heavy emphasis on the practical application of their learning. In your classes, you will gain from the experiences of other adult professionals. This type of collaborative learning leads to graduation rates that are much higher than those of other schools.

Expert Faculty

At Indiana Wesleyan University, you will find Christian faculty whose academic qualifications and workplace experiences equip them to provide each adult learner with a stimulating learning environment. The personal experience of these instructors, combined with the varied work backgrounds of your fellow students, creates a rich learning environment. The things you learn through your online degree program can be immediately applied to your work. Your critical-thinking and decision-making skills will also be enhanced as you analyze and discuss real-world examples.  

Financial Aid

Our financial aid staff is ready to assist you in working out the financial details of your program. Our coursework meets Department of Education guidelines, and based upon your income level, you may be eligible for state and federal grants. You may also qualify for loans, scholarships, veterans’ benefits, employer reimbursement and even deferred payment up to 30 days after a course is completed.

We invite you to prayerfully explore pursuing your online degree with Indiana Wesleyan University. If you can't find the information you need, please contact us, and we will respond promptly.


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