Indiana Wesleyan University aspires to be "a Christ-centered academic community committed to changing the world by developing students in character, scholarship and leadership." This mission has profound implications for our students, our faculty and our programs.

Our Students

We seek to build lifelong relationships with students who are passionate about their calling. At IWU the concept of "life calling" is central to our academic programs and our learning community. Students at IWU are invited to engage three primary questions during their time here:

  • Who has God called me to be?
  • What has God called me to do?
  • What must I learn in order to fulfill my calling?

Our Programs

We seek to develop academic programs and nationally recognized centers of excellence in teaching and scholarship. Our academic goal is to prepare students not simply for prosperous careers, but for a lifetime of meaning and fulfillment. We seek to nurture students through a lifetime of character development, intellectual stimulation and leadership.

Our Faculty

We seek to gather, nurture and empower a faculty who practice their academic calling on the basis of excellent academic preparation, a deep personal love for Jesus Christ, and a passion to pour their lives into the development of students.

Our faculty share these commitments:

  • FAITH: We work from a living personal faith in Christ and a commitment to the unique intellectual, personal and social implications of the Wesleyan faith tradition.
  • TEACHING: We are committed to excellent teaching as the primary means by which we seek to develop students of character, scholarship and leadership.
  • SCHOLARSHIP: We pursue our academic vocation by engaging in active scholarship.
  • MENTORING: We engage in active mentoring relationships with students.

Our Academic Infrastructure

We provide an excellent academic infrastructure that supports our learning goals. Our academic infrastructure provides inviting, enjoyable spaces for study, discussion and research, and excellent libraries, classrooms, laboratories and studios in which students and faculty may work. We work to maintain faculty-student ratios that allow for personal attention and interaction.