We are extremely excited that you are considering studying the art and science of music! The Indiana Wesleyan University Division of Music seeks to develop students in an awareness of accountability to God and the importance of a personal commitment to Christ. It is the faculty's strong desire that this commitment become apparent in the student's attitude toward his or her music. We believe it is vital to recognize that all gifts and talents are given by God, to be cultivated to their highest potential for his glory and service.


your gifts and talents, and cultivate them to achieve your full potential.


discipline for the art and science of music through various traveling ensembles, choirs and ministry groups.


others to God with humility through service and commitment.


Outstanding Faculty

Phoenix Park-Kim
Professor; Piano, Accompanist Coordinator | MM, DMA

Phoenix Park-Kim, Professor of Piano at Indiana Wesleyan University, has given recitals throughout the United States, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, Spain and Russia including performances in various music festivals such as the Aspen Summer Music Festival, Piano Texas, and the Summer Music School in Siena. Phoenix is dedicated to providing more exposure to lesser known repertoire especially music by African-American composers. In this endeavor, she was awarded the Lilly research grant and also received special congressional recognition by U.S. Rep. Karen Bass.

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As a performer, it is crucial for me to work with teachers who continue to build on their craft, who continue to perform; and all of them do.

Justin | Piano Performance