Residence Halls

Community is at the core of our commitments at IWU, and the residence hall experience is in some ways the ultimate realization of that commitment.

Life in one of our intentional, Christ-centered residence hall communities can be one of the most powerful experiences of a student’s time here at IWU.

We believe that living together with other people in community leaves us different and helps us grow in ways we cannot do on our own. We believe that faith and learning are communal activities—things we do together and need each other for.

Residential Learning is proud to support 12 different undergraduate residential communities that provide challenging yet supportive places for our students to live, learn, and grow.

Traditional Residence Halls

Open to all residential students (freshman - senior) IWU's traditional halls each have their own unique community and personality. Students in these halls benefit from the informal mentoring and peer support that can happen when students at every stage in their college experience share life and learning together.

Kem Hall & Scripture Hall

These residence halls offer unique communities for returning students (sophomore – senior) to live together in 4 or 8-person suites, and are designed to encourage deepening relationships and communities within close friend-groups.

Apartment Areas

Junior and Senior students are eligible to apply to live in one of the Apartment Areas on campus. Our apartment areas are designed to allow an increasing independence for upper division students as they prepare for independent living after college.

Residence Hall FAQ

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Last updated: 11/17/2017