Art + Design

As artists and designers following in the footsteps of Christ, we want to encourage and create positive change in the lives of those we encounter each day.

The Indiana Wesleyan University Division of Art + Design is a unique creative community. We strive to offer more than a traditional college experience. Eager to enliven cultures, we move to co-create with an authenticity that offers a compelling love for all people.

Our 6 staff, 10 full time faculty and 15 part time faculty actively seek what is best for our students. We offer 8 Art + Design majors and 11 different minors. Our students, staff and faculty gather to strengthen each other in gallery openings, worship, studios and critique. Our educators and students continually cultivate their skills through one-on one-mentorship and rigorous collaboration.

Known as one of the largest Art and Design programs within the CCCU (Council for Christian Colleges and Universities), the Division of Art + Design brings the quality instruction of a professional art and design school while remaining faithful and obedient to Christ-centered learning. From state-of-art screen printing facilities to a foundry where we can pour liquid bronze, students learn in well equipped studio environments. Along with multiple Mac computer labs and printing facilities, multiple photography shooting studios, workshops, wood shops, and galleries, we offer personal studios where students can fully embrace their studio practice.

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Outstanding Faculty

Wendy Puffer
Wendy Puffer
Assistant Professor of Art - Design | MFA

Wendy Puffer is a social designer and registered interior designer whose career is grounded in the belief that design can change people's lives. She has experience working collaboratively with clients on projects ranging from community design to interior design and regularly involves students and graduates in design projects.

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My peers keep me on my toes all the time. It's like they know you on such a personal level that critique is not superficial and competitive. It's really deep and helpful, and we're all here to raise each other up to be the amazing artist that we all know we can be.

Robin | Illustration

Our Mission

The Division of Art + Design is a flourishing Christ-centered community of artists, designers, students, and scholars dedicated to serving others. Our art professors are devoted to working alongside students, helping them successfully develop as artists, designers, and followers of Christ.