Medical Technology

In the health care industry, there are few jobs more in demand than Medical Technology. Medical technologists will play a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

The Indiana Wesleyan University Bachelor of Science Medical Technology (MTE) program prepares students to perform medical laboratory tests that reveal the presence or absence of abnormalities of the blood and other body fluids. Students complete three years of university study, in addition to a 12-month clinical experience in an approved hospital. Graduates of this program are eligible to take the appropriate national registry examination and are qualified for employment in hospital laboratories, government medical laboratories, medical research laboratories, clinics, and health care centers.

If you like working with people, enjoy science, and want a secure job with upward mobility in the health care industry, then Medical Technology may be for you.

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* Students choose from either CHE-236 or CHE-430.

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Affiliated Hospitals-Medical Technology Program

Clarian Health Partners, Indianapolis, Indiana
Parkview Health, Inc., Fort Wayne, Indiana
Saint Margaret Mercy Healthcare Centers, Hammond, Indiana

A Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Medical Technology (MTE) requires a minimum of three years of university study and a full year of clinical experience in an approved hospital. Indiana Wesleyan University will accept 12 months of clinical experience successfully completed in a hospital-based medical technology program or clinical laboratory science program that is accredited by the NAACLS (National Association of Accreditation for Clinical Laboratory Sciences). This 12-month clinical experience is taken instead of the senior year at Indiana Wesleyan University and is considered equivalent to 32 semester hours of work in the major area of concentration. (It is the student's responsibility to gain admission to this hospital-based program. Said hospital may have health and program requirements that must be met at the student's own expense.) When all specific requirements for the degree are met, including the 12 months of hospital experience, candidates will be awarded the Bachelor of Science degree and will be eligible to take the national registry examination of the ASCP (American Society of Clinical Pathologists) and/or the NCA (National Certification Agency).


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