May 3-4, 2019

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From the moment we drove on campus the N2Y Team showed their incredible hearts for serving, for the Lord, and for others. We were pleasantly welcomed – made to feel very special and wanted. The greatest impact of all, of course, was the presence of the Lord! I was so grateful that the N2Y Team made spiritual growth a priority for the weekend.

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Johnathan Baldwin - Speaker

Johnathan Baldwin (or JB or @jbaldy5) currently serves as the middle school pastor at 12Stone Church in Atlanta. He and his wife, Sara, have been doing ministry together since they married in 2008. Last year they launched the GO Podcast with JB and Sara. A youth pastor from Indiana that has been transplanted to Georgia, Johnathan describes himself as “an avid sports fan who has just recently become somewhat of a reader.” Johnathan and Sara have three ridiculously cute little boys: Bowen, Beckett, and Bear.


Sing Love - Worship

Hailing from Northview Church in Indianapolis, Sing Love is a collective group of passionate worship leaders engaging others to enter into the presence of the Most High. Offering a new sound that spans over multiple generations, the desire of Sing Love is to create music that leads others closer to the heart of the living God. The Sing Love Ministries (Sing Love Worship, Sing Love Educate, Sing Love Kids, Sing Love Wildfires) have been training up and sending out worshippers of all ages for over a decade. The band has transpired into over 160 worship leaders and counting. For more information check out or listen to Sing Love’s latest album Wildfires on iTunes and Spotify today.”

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