Never 2 Young

A uniquely designed gathering to prepare and encourage middle school students to make an impact for Christ.

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A campus movement designed to help high school students experience the love of Christ, sense His power at work and begin a life transformed.

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Ministry Teams

A ministry where you come alongside students, proclaiming the life transforming message of Jesus so they experience His love for themselves.

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Summer Ministry Teams Highlight 2020

Our 1st Virtual Worship Experience



Charlie Alcock

"Youth Ministry Events is about students serving students. It's not about the speakers or the artists, it's the desire for our college students to invest in the next generation who are in High School and Middle School. They want to show them what it looks like to put Jesus first."

Charlie Alcock
Executive Director
Shami Grieve headshot
Shami Grieve
Youth Ministries Events and Grant Manager
"Youth Ministry Events is such a great balance of college students investing in high school and middle school students and college students being invested into on a regular basis. I love that I get a front row seat watching God move mountains in this generation and the generations to come. I really have a DREAM job!" - Shami

Fusion Student Executives

Noah Shigley
Student Leader
"Fusion is not just about one weekend rather it is a time that we have seen God use to transform the lives of students for their entire lives. This is true for me as I went to Fusion throughout my high school years. Our prayer is that God moves in Fusion Fest and continues to transform lives for His Kingdom and His Kingdom work." - Noah
Hallie Harrington
Student Leader
"I attended Fusion when I was in high school, and I will never forget how it impacted me. It's an event that reminds you you're not alone. God uses it to restore hope, break chains, and transforms lives. I am honored to be part of God's redemptive plan through Fusion Fest 2021." - Hallie

Never 2 Young Student Executives

Faith Fox
Student Leader
"I love Never2Young because middle school is such an influential time when kids need something stable and true to hold onto and through N2Y. They get to experience the steadfast love that the Lord has for them!!" - Faith
Daniel Whetlor
Student Leader
"Being in middle school is not a wall in a young person faith. In the name itself Never2Young shares an important message. That you are never to young to have an experience with God. We are hoping and praying for students to experience this at N2Y." - Daniel

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