Robin describes what it felt like to find her niche and passion in the Art Department at IWU.

Behavioral Science

Jana discusses how her community at IWU was so much more than she could imagine. Learn more about our School of Behavioral Science.


Caleb unpacks his experience studying abroad and touches on the impact of faculty and the Division of Business on his future.

Computer Science

Cameron talks about how the Computer Science department has hyper-prepared him for life after IWU.


Rachel covers how being in Teacher Education at IWU means classroom experiences that start on Day One.

Health and Human Performance

The Division of Health and Human Performance has been a place for Morgan to understand her calling and hone her skills for a fulfilling career.


Kenneth elaborates on the deep mentor relationships with professors that are possible here at IWU. Learn more about our School of Theology and Ministry.

Modern Language and Literature

Abigail provides a glimpse into why she chose IWU and a major in the Division of Modern Language and Literature.



Justin conveys how crucial it is to study music under teachers who are professionslly accomplished and constantly striving to better their craft.

Natural Sciences

Meredith talks about how a small Christian University has improved her science education.

Nursing & John Wesley Honors College

Her experience with the John Wesley Honors College has allowed Mary-Madison to develop her critical thinking skills. Learn more about our School of Nursing.



Kendra talks about how her experience in Indiana Wesleyan University's theatre department has stretched her and challenged her beyond what she expected.