Cross Cultural Exposure Trip

Trip Details

  • Location:  Accra and Tamale Ghana
  • Cost: $4,300 - $4,600
  • Term: May 2024
  • Sponsor: School of Theology & Ministry

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Trip Description

The purpose of this course is to cultivate profound cross-cultural awareness and competence among students, particularly in the context of interfaith engagement and global citizenship. It is designed for those embarking on an immersive journey in a diverse cultural landscape, aiming to equip them with the skills and insights needed for transformative, culturally sensitive, and globally impactful interactions. Through experiential learning, this course fosters a deeper understanding of one's own faith, encourages respectful engagement with diverse perspectives, and inspires a commitment to justice, reconciliation, and active global citizenship.

Prerequisite: INT-120 or INT-220.

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