Christians are more in the news today than ever before. Faith is a more present factor in our national and global life than ever before. But Christians, and people of faith in general, are often portrayed in one-dimensional, reductionist terms. The rich ways that Christians take part in our shared life, contribute to the public good, and keep alive the best values and traditions of our country are often obscured today.

Our neighbors are increasingly skeptical about the value of faith in public life, and the role of people of genuine and active faith. Too often, today, faith is associated with bad actions and attitudes.

We often seem to be at a loss to imagine a society in which deeply held faith contributes to the good will, and wellbeing of people and of society as a whole.  We don’t immediately associate breakthroughs in scientific discovery, brilliant creative achievements, technical and economic growth, and ground-breaking social action with rich and vibrant faith. 

Further it seems impossible to imagine an increasingly diverse, and plural society in which people of all faiths and no faith live together with mutual respect, creating together a social cohesion and cultural wealth that withstands the pull of the worst behaviors urged on us by fear and insecurity.

Is faith good? Are people of genuine Christian faith able to contribute to our shared well-being?  How do Christians practice the art of faithful presence in a plural and increasingly skeptical and suspicious world?

This podcast will tell the stories of people, share ideas, and inspire us to practice the art of good faith in the world.

Meet the Host

David Wright, PhD

President, Indiana Wesleyan University
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