College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
School of Nursing Division of Pre-licensure Programs (SON)

Transfer Guidelines

Transfer credit is granted according to the guidelines listed below for those enrolling in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Nursing Division of Pre-licensure Programs.

  1. Credit is earned on coursework completed at an approved college or university at the same level. An "approved college or university" generally refers to those institutions that are accredited by a regional accrediting body or the Association for Biblical Higher Education.
  2. Credits from unaccredited colleges and universities and from schools/colleges/universities not accredited at the same level (such as business schools, vocational/technical schools or other single-purpose institutions) may be assessed individually for possible credit. The number of credits transferable from such institutions will be limited to two years (62 semester hours).
  3. Credits earned from international institutions will require submission of transcripts and course syllabi for external evaluation by Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE). For more information about this organization, please visit their website (
  4. Credit taken by correspondence from an accredited institution may be applied toward a degree at IWU, for a maximum of 12 semester hours accepted.
  5. Credit hours accepted in transfer are recorded, but quality points and grades are omitted and used only for the purposes of graduating with honors.
  6. Coursework must have a grade of "C" or higher and be a 100-level course or higher.
  7. Coursework is applicable to the curriculum you wish to pursue at Indiana Wesleyan University.
  8. If there is not an equivalent course, the credits may be applied as undistributed credit.
  9. All students must complete their last 30 credit hours at IWU.
  10. The university registrar is responsible to approve the transferability of all credits.

Transfer Planning Tool is a free online tool that can assist you in determining how courses may transfer between institutions. It also provides an opportunity to review programs, enter coursework and, if applicable, create an evaluation of transfer work toward a desired program. This tool currently uses information from Indiana schools as they have supplied. This is a database in process so there may be courses not listed. However, it is still likely that they would transfer following the guidelines established by IWU. Click here to go to and see how your courses will transfer.

Transfer Course Guide

Below is the Ivy Tech Community College course equivalency guide for students enrolling in IWU's College of Arts and Sciences or IWU's School of Nursing Division of Pre-licensure Programs undergraduate programs.

Additional Ivy Tech courses are also accepted in transfer provided they meet the stated requirements as identified in the guidelines listed above and also found in the IWU catalog.

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
School of Nursing Division of Pre-licensure Programs (SON)
Ivy Tech Course Name Credit IWU Title Credit
COMM 102 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication 3 COM 499T* Communication Transfer 3
COMM 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3 COM 110 Speech Communication 3
ENGL 111 English Composition 3 ENG 120 English Composition 3
ENGL 202 Creative Writing 3 ENG 499T* English Transfer 3
ENGL 222 American Literature to 1865 3 ENG 233 American Literature Survey 3
ENGL 223 American Literature after 1865 3 ENG 235 American Literature
(Literary Period or Region)
HIST 101 Survey of American History I 3 HST 499T* History Transfer 3
HIST 102 Survey of American History II 3 HST 499T* History Transfer 3
MATH 111 Intermediate Algebra 3 MAT 499T* Mathematics Transfer 3
MATH 118 Concepts in Mathematics 3 MAT 499T* Mathematics Transfer 3
MATH 121 Geometry-Trigonometry 3 MAT 499T* Mathematics Transfer 3
MATH 135 Finite Math 3 MAT 499T* Mathematics Transfer 3
MATH 136 College Algebra 3 MAT 113 College Algebra 3
MATH 141 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers 4 MAT 111 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers 3
MATH 211 Calculus I 4 MAT 253 Calculus I 3
POLS 101 Introduction to American Government and Politics 3 POL 499T* Political Science Transfer 3
POLS 211 Introduction to World Politics 3 HST 499T* History Transfer 3
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology 3 PSY 150 General Psychology 3
PSYC 201 Lifespan Development 3 PSY 250 Developmental Psychology 3
PSYC 205 Abnormal Psychology 3 PSY 366 Psychology of Abnormal Behavior 3
PSYC 240 Human Sexuality 3 PSY 499T* Psychology Transfer 3
SOCI 111 Introduction to Sociology 3 SOC 150 Principles of Sociology 3
SOCI 252 Social Problems 3 SOC 152 Social Problems 3

* Undistributed credit

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