Amy Smelser

Assistant Professor

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 ELDR 140-C


Communication and Theatre


Multimedia Communication


 Curriculum Vitae

Journalism Assistant Professor


Professor Smelser is an experienced writer, journalist and professor. She is the advisor for The Sojourn and, IWU’s student publications. With a master’s degree in Christian leadership, Amy strives to help young adults use their talents and skills while growing their faith.

Why did you decide to teach at IWU?

As a student, teachers such as Mary Brown, Alan Miller and Marj Elder challenged and encouraged me to become more than I thought possible. They saw in me what I could not see in myself. Teaching at IWU is an opportunity to be for others what my professors were for me.


My husband and I have five children, so their activities take up most of my free time. When I'm not doing any kind of schoolwork, reporting for the Chronicle-Tribune or chasing kids, I enjoy reading. Someday, maybe I'll get back to writing the book that's been marinating for a few years.

Advice for a prospective student:

Communication is the foundation of life. God spoke; the world existed. Sharing information concisely and accurately is the core of what we study and teach. Through media, we give people who do not have a platform an opportunity to share their stories to help change lives. We call that giving voice to the voiceless. Students entering our program should understand that we are doing God's work. Using the skills and theories learned in classes, we deliver messages of hope that might never be given life otherwise.



  • MA
    2018, Regent University
  • MA
    2010, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
  • BA
    1997, Indiana Wesleyan University
Indiana Wesleyan University
4201 S. Washington St.
Marion, IN 46953