The DeVoe Report is a magazine from the DeVoe School of Business at Indiana Wesleyan University featuring strategies and advice from today’s frontrunners and experts in business. Its purpose is to empower and enrich current and future business leaders with insightful content. Contributors to The DeVoe Report bring their expertise and perspectives from businesses all over the world, so readers can be challenged, enlightened and encouraged.

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While compiling The DeVoe Report, we have the opportunity to work with a wonderful collection of writers, thinkers, and leaders. As we move through the process of compiling each edition, we are blessed to meet new people, engage new ideas, and tackle new questions. The DeVoe School of Business team is attempting to express the truth that any work of this quality and magnitude is not completed in a vacuum; rather, it is done in a community. Therefore, we want to express heartfelt thanks to all of those who have given their time, talent, wisdom, and treasure to make this edition possible. We hope that readers are inspired and encouraged as they engage the marketplace for an eternal impact.

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Message from the President

IWU President, Dr. David Wright

The DeVoe School of Business has the honor of serving students at various points in their career journeys, some who are just beginning to engage the marketplace and others who have been making an impact for a number of years. In any given classroom (onsite or online) we have young leaders and seasoned leaders sitting side-by-side learning, working and growing together. It is what makes our educational environment so dynamic, having a diversity of generations represented in one place sharpening one another in skills and abilities.

In the latest edition of The DeVoe Report, we have a wonderful opportunity to take a look into two companies which are walking through leadership succession processes in which not only is one generation of leadership passing the baton to a new generation, but in addition, the more seasoned leader is walking alongside the emerging leader in that journey. 

Whether it be in a classroom or a boardroom, it takes faith, prayer, humility and intentionality to come alongside one another and work collaboratively across our differences. As you read through the conversations with the leaders of Sasnak Management and Capital III, you will be given opportunities to peer into the experience of two families who have built companies and are now partnering to transition leadership. As always, it is my sincere hope that these featured interviews as well as the many wonderful articles included within this edition are both insightful and encouraging to your professional journey and daily work.

Dr. David Wright - President, Indiana Wesleyan University

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