The DeVoe Report is a semi-annual magazine from the DeVoe School of Business at Indiana Wesleyan University featuring strategies and advice from today’s frontrunners and experts in business. Its purpose is to empower and enrich current and future business leaders with relevant and timely content. Contributors to The DeVoe Report bring their expertise and perspectives from businesses all over the world, so readers can be challenged, enlightened and encouraged.

In this Issue

Cheryl BachelderAs CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., Cheryl Bachelder holds court with the confidence equal to any of her C-Suite peers. However, there is something both distinctive and disarming about Cheryl; in a word, humility.

The dynamic power is explored in her book, Dare to Serve: How to drive superior results by serving others. The books explores the turnaround of Popeyes from a perpetual financial underperformer to an industry darling and model. Cheryl makes it clear that the first step in becoming a “Dare to Serve” leader is a willingness to shift attention from self to others. She writes, “Your favorite leaders have been decidedly different. Their motives go beyond self-interest. They challenge you to pursue daring, bold aspirations that create an exciting place to work. They shun the spotlight for serving a higher purpose. They evidence principles in their daily decisions. You not only love these leaders but also perform your very best work for them.”

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Message from the President

IWU President, Dr. David Wright

More than 30 years ago, Indiana Wesleyan University made a bold and groundbreaking commitment to serving adult learners with the launching of the dynamic LEAP (Leadership Education for Adult Professionals) program. The innovative approach to serving diverse learners had an initial focus on business education programs, which would lead to the formation of what is now the DeVoe School of Business, one of the Midwest’s largest and most influential business schools. The DeVoe School of Business has served learners through providing a faith-based business education which sharpens skills, clarifies reasoning, and helps students to further define personal and professional calling.

Today, the DeVoe School of Business delivers education onsite at 16 regional education centers and online nationwide to thousands of learners across the landscape of the marketplace. With an alumni base numbering in the tens of thousands, the DeVoe School of Business has influenced the leadership of many business leaders throughout the nation. A hallmark of the DeVoe School of Business from its inception is the commitment to reach learners by taking the educational experience to them, from manufacturing plant floors to office buildings.

This inaugural edition of The DeVoe Report is no different. We are continuing to find new ways to take education directly into the marketplace to increase business professionals’ access to valuable learning. It is my hope that you find the content of this reader helpful to your daily work. I am grateful to the many business leaders and industry experts who have partnered with us to bring this publication together. We look forward to sharing future editions with you.

Dr. David Wright - President, Indiana Wesleyan University

Last updated: 08/22/2017