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Tuition and Costs


Tuition and fees $24,728 $24,728
Room and Board $7,988 0
Total IWU Direct Costs  $32,716  $24,728


May Term : $482
Summer 1 Onsite: $526
Summer 1 Online: $337
Transition To Nursing: $600

Credit hours over 17: $884/Cr hour

"My dream is for IWU to become known as one of the world's best high-impact, high-value, low-debt Christian universities."
- Dr. David Wright
Dr. David Wright

Value of an IWU Education

The VALUE of an IWU education is summed up with three simple words:
         Money     Momentum     Meaning
All three make a positive difference for your life.


IWU strives to make our education affordable. In 2014-2015 we awarded over $29,000,000 in institutional scholarships and grants to help students attend IWU. Our alumni give back to the university generously to invest in the next generation of Wildcats. Through academic scholarships, financial need-based awards, athletics, departmental scholarships, endowed honors, church matching grants and specific Wesleyan denomination grants, we empower families to connect with IWU.

  • Students at private colleges receive three times as much institutional aid as students at public universities do and five times as much as students at for-profit institutions do. As for total financial aid, students at private colleges receive one and a half times more than students at public and for-profit institutions receive.

    Source: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 2013, Digest of Education Statistics 2012.

Borrowing for school can be intimidating. But when other funding options aren’t quite enough, prudent borrowing can be a very wise investment. Successful borrowing is based on the concepts that it should be a last resort after using all other sources; it will be easier to pay back the funds at your higher salary level once your degree is earned and you are committed to earning that degree. With these ideals as the driver, limited borrowing for college can be an investment with an amazing rate of return.


We want to admit future successful alumni. Our entire university family is committed to help you reach that goal. It’s personal to us. It will be to you, too. IWU has support systems to help you stay on track toward on-time graduation. By limiting your time in college to 4 years (or less), you save tuition costs and start earning wages sooner. That’s a valuable combination financially and professionally.

  • Private college students graduate 10 months earlier than do their peers at public institutions and nearly five years earlier than students at for-profit institutions – which means fewer years of paying tuition and a quicker start at earning a salary.

    Source: U.S. Department of Education, Digest of Education Statistics 2013.

Our retention rate was 84% following the 2013-2014 academic year. IWU students are persisting at an ever increasing rate towards graduation and starting their professional careers. We also have options to accelerate your education so you can graduate in just three years if desired. We focus on helping our students start, grow, complete and thrive in life.


This world was made by a God. IWU ensures our graduates have been trained to see the world through His eyes, and can use that ability to be successful. No public university offers this. Through imbedding God’s perspective into our classes, our students learn how to be a success in many ways with your life. Ways that matter for longer than a lifetime. That has real meaning.

We are a society of World Changers. At its core, the mission of Indiana Wesleyan University is to change the world for Jesus Christ by challenging and equipping our students to pour salt and shine light everywhere their lives take them. The concept of being world changers and developing world changers permeates everything we do at IWU. Whether you are a student, an employee, an alumnus or a guest at IWU, we are striving to bring out the world changer in you.


We value our students. They and their families value their IWU investment of funds, time and most importantly, the eternal value our students find from their education here. Together we are changing the world for the heart of Christ in an effective way.

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