At Indiana Wesleyan University, our Graduate Counseling programs are designed to offer a Christ-centered approach to improving your craft as a practitioner in counseling-related professions. Our faculty members are recognized leaders in the field; many of them currently practice the trade, conduct research, and regularly contribute to scholarly literature. Your learning experience here will take you far beyond basic counseling theory to implement innovative evidence-based practices in your own practice.

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Barbara Riggs; MSN, PhD Assoc Prof; Graduate Counseling | Indianapolis Site Director barbara.riggs@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Budd Teare; MS, PhD Asst Prof; Graduate Counseling | Clinic Coordinator budd.teare@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Donald Osborn, MA, PhD Asst Prof; Graduate Counseling | Director; Addictions Studies Center donald.osborn@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Mark Gerig; MA, PhD Professor; Graduate Counseling | Chair; Division of Graduate Counseling mark.gerig@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Judith Justice; MA, EdD Assoc Prof; Graduate Counseling judith.justice@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Nenetzin A Reyes; MS, PhD Assoc Prof; Graduate Counseling nenetzin.reyes@indwes.edu ViewProfile
Rob Thompson; MS, PhD Assoc Prof; Graduate Counseling rob.thompson@indwes.edu ViewProfile