The English Graduate Certificate includes 18 credit hours of English designed for those seeking the credentials required by various regional accrediting bodies in order to be able to teach advanced placement, concurrent, and community college English courses. Those completing this program gain knowledge and skills in the following areas: the structure of the English language; the theory and practice of rhetorical analysis, synthesis, and argumentation; and formalist and cultural interpretations of a focused selection of poetic, dramatic, and fictional texts. While taking these courses in the recommended order has benefits, the program is designed so that students may successfully complete the courses in the order that is most convenient for them.


18 credit hours 

Program Learning Outcomes 

  • Explain key structures and the importance of major historical developments in the English language.

  • Create rhetorically-effective, evidence-based rhetorical analysis, synthesis, and argumentation by effectively using the writing process and applying key composition theories.

  • Evaluate literature using biblical principles.

  • Interpret fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama using both formalist and cultural critical approaches.

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