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Earning a college degree is one of the most important investments you will make in your life.  

At Indiana Wesleyan, we realize that selecting the right college is not just about finding the best price. We encourage students and families to look at overall fit when making a college choice. However, we do understand the importance of out-of-pocket cost and this is why our financial aid team works individually with each student as they explore investing in an exceptional Christian education from Indiana Wesleyan University. 

There's Value in an IWU Education


Campus Career Outcomes Rate

91% National Average for Private Schools


Campus Grad Rate

63.25% Indiana Average


Avg. Campus Student Debt

$29.2K National Average

Tuition and Fees

IWU surpasses the national averages in a number of important educational benchmarks, including, but not limited to: higher than average graduation and career outcome rates. Plus, IWU students receive their education with lower than average student debt, compared to the national average!

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What Types of Aid are Available?

The financial aid team at Indiana Wesleyan prides itself on exploring all potential financial aid resources to minimize your out-of-pocket expense. Sources of potential aid include scholarships, grants, outside aid, loans and more! 

Indiana Wesleyan's average financial aid package to campus students is $21,249

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How Do I Apply for Financial Aid?

To get started, complete the steps below to be considered for federal grant and student loan eligibility. You may then explore additional types of aid if supplementary funds are needed.

FAFSA School Code: 001822

fafsa family income chart

Any student, regardless of income, who wants to be considered for federal, state, and school financial aid programs should file the FAFSA. This includes grants, scholarships, and loans.

File FAFSA Online

If you have not already done so, you must create a Federal Student Aid (FSA) username and password to log in. 

The Indiana Wesleyan University Title IV school code is: 001822

Take some time to browse the various scholarships, grants, and other sources of aid that you may qualify for as an Indiana Wesleyan student.

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Search for Additional Scholarships and Grants

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Financial Aid FAQs

Here are some common questions about receiving financial aid to help fund your college degree.

Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is one of the first steps to discovering the best aid options available to making a Christian Education at IWU affordable. 

The FAFSA helps determine what scholarships and grants a student may qualify for to help fund their education.

FAFSA School Code: 001822

FAFSA Online Form

The FAFSA is an online form used by colleges to determine how much financial aid you're eligible to receive, which could include grants, scholarships, work-study funds, and loans.

Completing the online FAFSA form usually takes about one hour.

You must apply for aid every year, but with the right information in hand, it's easy.

FAFSA School Code: 001822

FAFSA Online Form

Quite simply, every student wishing to receive financial aid should fill out the FAFSA form online.

We recommend that any student, regardless of income, who wants to be considered for federal, state, and school financial aid programs start their aid journey by completing the FAFSA form online. 

FAFSA School Code: 001822

FAFSA Online Form

The  FSA ID is a secure electronic signature. The FSA ID is used to sign the FAFSA, and to also access other secure federal aid websites. Student FAFSA filers, as well as one parent of students who must report parental data on their FAFSA, need their own unique FSA ID.

Carefully follow the instructions when creating or editing your FSA ID. Each FSA ID must be unique; thus, a different email address must be used when each family member creates their own FSA ID.

  • TIP 1: Enter your Name (as it appears on your Social Security Card), Date of Birth and Social Security Number!
  • TIP 2: No one should ever create an FSA ID for another

When you are unsure of how to answer a question on the FAFSA, the Federal Student Aid website has a lot of great resources.

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