Steve Wood

Associate Professor and Technical Director of Theatre

Steve Wood headshot




Communication and Theater



Why did you decide to teach at IWU?

Coming to IWU meant moving closer to home, working with a college friend, Dr. Katie Wampler, and helping build something special that will outlast both of us. I wanted to teach at a Christian school that was willing to ask hard questions about how we integrate faith and art.


I love binging Netflix, fishing, playing toys with my son, directing my daughter in shows, the musical of u2, traveling, eating unhealthy food with my wife, drawing and visiting Traverse City in the summer.

Advice for a prospective student:

Stories matter. If you love theatre, pursue it passionately. If you enjoy theatre but don’t plan to pursue it as a career, participate in our program once in a while to find out how art can enrich your life. If you don’t do theatre at all, engage live performance so you can become a better human!


  • BS
    1998, Baptist Bible College
  • MA
    2001, Bowling Green State University
  • PhD
    2012, Texas Tech University
Indiana Wesleyan University
4201 S. Washington St.
Marion, IN 46953