Scott Rhoades

Assistant Professor, Post-licensure Nursing

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Scott has enjoyed a thirty year career in healthcare with a diverse background in emergency medical services, emergency nursing, flight nursing, wilderness medicine, and aerospace nursing with experiences in direct patient care, education, research, and administration.

He completed an aerospace nursing graduate internship at NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center, and established a regional FAA accredited Aviation Medical Center. Scott has provided medical support for air show operations for a variety of military and civilian flight performers and served as a Nurse Reservist for 4 Space Shuttle launches, including the final flights of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and Endeavor.

He is the Founder and Executive Director of The Center for Aerospace Nursing Excellence, and serves as a representative to NASA’s Health and Human Performance Center at Johnson Space Center in Houston, where he has participated in training astronauts and cosmonauts on medical procedures for spaceflight.

Scott is a volunteer for Mission Aviation Fellowship and the National Museum of the United States Air Force.


Aerospace Medicine/Nursing; Aerospace Physiology; Hyperbaric Medicine/Nursing; Wilderness Medicine; Human Performance in Extreme Environments. 


  • Diploma
    1994, Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center School of Nursing
  • BSN
    1995, University of Pittsburgh
  • MS
    2006, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana Wesleyan University
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Marion, IN 46953