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Professor; Biology

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Dr. Matthew Kreitzer joined IWU’s Biology Department in the Fall of 2003 after completing his PhD in biological sciences focusing on Neurobiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  At IWU he teaches anatomy and physiology courses for allied health majors as well as introductory biology and upper division anatomy, physiology, and neuroscience courses for biology majors.  Dr. Kreitzer teaches a novel interdisciplinary neuroscience course with Jason Runyan D. Phil, from IWU’s psychology department introducing students to neuroscientific and philosophical foundations while engaging current literature examining neuropsychological abilities such as learning and memory, volition, perception, and religious experience.  Dr. Kreitzer has a passion for mentoring students in undergraduate research.  Since 2009 he has been a part of a research effort funded by the National Science Foundation examining regulation of neuronal communication using visual processing in the retina as a model system.  This research experience has involved more that 40 undergraduate students resulting in numerous research presentations (multiple presented at the annual Society for Neuroscience Conference) and multiple research manuscripts (published in the Journal of General Physiology, Journal of Neurophysiology, European Journal of Neuroscience & Visual Neuroscience).  Currently Dr. Kreitzer also serves as the Chair of the Division of Natural Sciences.

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