Faculty Profile

Linda Manganello

Associate Professor; Chair, Division of Modern Language, Literature and Communication

Modern Language Literature and Communication


Dr. Linda Manganello is an associate professor at Indiana Wesleyan University in the Division of Communication and Theatre, and speaker. She has extensive experience teaching students about communication, including teaching middle school and high school speech, literature, and theatre. 

After leaving the public school system, she worked as an assistant professor of communication arts at Taylor University for 13 years before coming to work at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Dr. Manganello enjoys keeping her students engaged through active participation – and occasionally bringing them their favorite McConn drink. She intentionally tries to connect with each individual in her classroom, and this connection makes it easier for students to want to share during the class discussions.

She’s also very active in her church, Pierce Upland United Methodist Church.

Why did you decide to teach at IWU?

Christian higher education is important to me. I really enjoy listening to how students understand the information and how they think it’s relevant to their life.


I love hanging out with my daughters, Lucy and Sophie, and my husband, Tony. I also enjoy traveling, reading, doing anything athletic, listening to music and watching Parks and Rec. 

Advice for a prospective student:

There are so many opportunities available to you on campus. Take advantage of those opportunities within and outside of your major. Get out of your dorm room and find your niche.




ELDR 140-B