Faculty Profile

Joanne Barnes



Ed.D.; M.S.

Dr. Joanne Barnes, Professor of Organizational Leadership in the Department of Leadership Studies, has been involved in higher education since 1996. She was the first Affiliate Faculty for Indiana Wesleyan University's College of Adult and Professional Studies where she not only facilitated adult learning, but also developed new faculty training. Joanne retired from Delphi Electronics & Safety in 2008, in Kokomo, Indiana, after over 37 years of service, where she held various management and leadership positions. In her Global Quality Systems Manager position for the entire enterprise, she was responsible for implementing global change and driving common quality practices throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America and leading global teams.

Additionally, as member of the International Leadership Association (ILA), Joanne has served as the 2009 chair elect for the Business Member Interest Group, the 2010 and 2011 chair for Business Member Interest Group and was the immediate past chair in 2012. She now serves as the ILA Member Group Ambassador working with the Board as a liaison between "groups" and the Board.

Her current research involves cultural intelligence, multicultural leadership, and the cross-transferability of Western-based theories and assessments to Eastern European and Asian cultures.

Dr. Barnes is a certified trainer/coach in the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale, the Global Competency Inventory, and Cultural Intelligence. She also holds certifications from Aperian Global in the areas of GlobeSmart Profile Assessment, GlobeSmart Team Assessment, and GlobalSmart Leadership Assessment. She is currently working with universities and businesses in providing assessments and coaching to prepare students, faculty, administrators and business leadership practitioners for expatriate and global assignments as well as multicultural experiences. Dr. Barnes currently teaches global leadership and theory, organizational behavior and theory, and adult and organizational learning. Dr. Barnes earned her Ed.D in Organizational Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University.


Research interest:

  • Global and Women's Leadership
Doctor of Education

Indiana Wesleyan University, 2007


Indiana Wesleyan University, 1994


Indiana Wesleyan University, 1991

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