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The Division of Art + Design at Indiana Wesleyan University is a community of Christian artists, designers, and scholars who have joyfully embraced the call of God upon our lives.

We believe our God-given creativity is a unique means by which we imitate and glorify our Creator and participate in his redemptive work in the world. Though we work in an array of media and across differing artistic disciplines, we are bound by a common desire to transform culture by giving form to the beautiful, the true, and the good. We aim to serve God and neighbor by using our gifts and talents for the betterment of those around us.

As a student in the Division of Art + Design, you will learn your craft in some of the best-equipped art and design facilities to be found among small liberal arts colleges and universities. Our programs offer the dynamism, intensity, and disciplinary breadth of a dedicated art and design school within an intimate and Christcentered learning environment that strongly emphasizes collaboration and mentorship. Over the course of your studies, you will forge meaningful and life-enriching relationships, not only with many of your peers, but with your professors as well. Our faculty are committed to working with you one-on-one to help you cultivate your God-given abilities and find a career trajectory that enables you to do the work God is preparing you to do.

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Will Carpenter Headshot

Will Carpenter


Will Carpenter is a passionate painter and educator. He came to Indiana Wesleyan University from Miami, Florida, where he earned his MFA, studied painting under Walter Darby Bannard, and worked for glass artist, Bill Carlson.

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Between our two on-campus facilities, we house our 13 majors and provide access to quality equipment from printers to throwing wheels.

Beard Arts Center houses the Foundry Lab for our Graphic Design majors working with Marion clients, as well as the full ceramics studio with three different kilns, the Photo Lab with CYC wall, and large drawing studios, Epson large format printers, and even a stained glass studio.

Mac Lab

Our Mac labs are updated with the newest Apple models every two years and outfitted with high-quality EPSON wide format printers. This assures that our students are caught up with the latest and greatest technology trends so they'll be on top of their game when entering their field of choice.

Ceramics Lab

Our Ceramics Studios are set up with supplies for making pots and other clay creations. Potters wheels line up along the wall giving students access to space for creating top quality work. Right outside the Ceramics Workshop, is a kiln for firing work and finishing pieces.

Design Lab

Design students have access to our MacLab which has the Adobe Creative Suite on each computer for use in the building. Our classrooms are fitted with whiteboards for ideation and The Foundry Ideation Room is able to be reserved for group work and brainstorming. These resources prepare students for life in a studio when they make their leap from here to beyond.

Illustration Lab

Our Illustration classroom is fitted with drawing desks for students to work and access to creative suite on MacLab computers ensures students have the ability to work either digitally or using various media. Corkboard walls allow for easy critique in class. These resources all help prepare students for working with deadlines and making great work beyond the here and now.

Photo Lab

Our photo area is full of everything you will need for investigating and exploring different methods and styles of photography. Providing spaces for a portrait studio, a cyc wall, and a product studio with lighting and external flash allows students to take pictures in a professional setting. Students also have access to two dark rooms for use in film photography.

Prep room
Prep Room

The Prep Room allow students to work on projects using tools needed for finishing. Mat Cutters and a spray booth are accessible for students needing to cut frames, attach work using spray adhesive, or use spray paint.

Art Galleries
Lecture Hall & Galleries

The lecture hall and gallery spaces are located off the main lobby of Beard Art Center. Visiting Artists and Designers come through this space in shifting exhibits throughout the year to exhibit their work and meet students and lecture about their work. These gallery openings present opportunities for students to interact with professionals in their field and widen their horizons about differing forms of art.

Center Hall hosts all of the Foundations courses with brand new drawing classrooms and full access to the sculpture gym for three dimensional design. We are very proud of the spaces and hardware our students have access to on a regular basis.

Art Studios

Beyond the average classroom we have so many different workspaces—from the Mac Lab in Beard Arts Center to Center Hall’s life drawing room there are a multitude of rooms to get stuff done. If you’re the type that needs a personal space to hang up your work and lay out your drying canvases, a studio might be the best fit. Center Hall houses 40 studio spaces set aside for our students— a privilege normally only graduate art programs can provide.

Sculpture Gym
Sculpture Gym

If you're a fine arts student who's looking for a more 3-D approach to creating, check out this unique innovative space in Center Hall. Our Sculpture Gym has everything from welding materials to sandblasting to make sure that you have the materials you need to see your artistic vision come to life.

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We invite you to come and experience for yourself the unique, creative, and Spirit-led community that flourishes here in the Division of Art + Design.

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Organizations and Opportunities

You'll find immediate connection and community in the Division of Art+Design. Here are few wasy to get quickly plugged in on campus.

AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) is a student run graphic design group operating under the Indianapolis Local Chapter. Every semester students plan events, visit studios, and take trips to foster community and increase professional development.

In the past students have designed wrapping paper, cards, and carved type into pumpkins while learning about design history and building lasting friendships.

Trips led by design faculty have included trips to Chicago, Nashville, and Columbus seeking to connect students to the various paths that their major can take them.

Art Club, ran by the 1920 Gallery, is a gathering of students from across majors seeking to encourage and inspire each other to make personal work outside of the class context.

Activities have included 'show and tell' of personal work, watching art documentaries, discussions of art, and going to gallery openings in Indy.

Through our relationships, branding projects, design for positive social impact, sculpture installations, Pop-Up Galleries, and volunteering to help with community events, we foster our role within our community. 

Marion Design Co. is one of those amazing happenings; a location on the downtown square where our Graphic Design, Photography, and Design for Social Impact majors have been able to use their skills to directly impact the city through revitalization. 

Some of the amazing groups and businesses we work with are: Main Street Marion, LarkSong, Community School of the Arts, Community Foundation, the Refinery, the City, College Wesleyan, the Economic Growth Council, and so many more.

We are Community-based Design

Community-based design is a social design method that enables social service providers, organizers, designers and evaluators to serve specific communities in their own environment. This design approach depends on the participatory approach of community development often associated with community-based social work, and is often employed by community organizations. 

From this approach, designers assess the needs and resources existing within a community, and, involving community stakeholders in the process, attempt to create a sustainable and equitable solution to address the community's needs.

Art Scholarships

The Division of Art+Design offers art scholarships to full-time art majors and minors entering as freshmen or transfer students.

The deadline for submission is December 15th of the year you plan to attend Indiana Wesleyan University.

In order to receive an art scholarship, you must fill out an art scholarship application (pdf) and submit your application along with a digital portfolio for consideration.

Art Scholarship Application (pdf)

Apply for a Scholarship

Step 1: Download & Complete Application

Download the scholarship application (pdf)

Step 2: Submit Your Application and Digital Portfolio

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