1. A Christ-Centered University Experience

Jesus Christ is at the heart of Indiana Wesleyan University. In all we do we seek to serve, please and glorify the Lord of lords and King of kings. The fundamental value of Indiana Wesleyan University is Christ-likeness - as a community, we daily strive to exemplify the life of Christ in our commitments, our actions and our relationships.

This Christian commitment has a transforming impact on the IWU educational experience, called forth in the IWU mission statement: "Indiana Wesleyan University is a Christ-centered academic community committed to changing the world by developing students in character, scholarship and leadership." All of IWU's faculty and staff are committed Christians desiring to use their God-given skills, experiences and passions to help IWU provide a high-quality Christian education to men and women of all ages.

All traditional first-year students take a course that examines life and learning in light of the Christian faith and then puts theory to practice in Christian service projects. This pattern of integration with faith is pervasive in learning experiences at all levels - undergraduate and graduate; for all student communities - traditional residential, commuter, and working adult; and in all instructional environments - in the classroom and online.

Outside the classroom, IWU promotes Christ-likeness through:

  • Regular worship, chapels and special speakers.
  • Summit Week, a week dedicated to spiritual renewal.
  • Prayer sessions and Bible studies.
  • Local, domestic and international missions trips.
  • A chaplaincy program for working adult students.

2. Academic Excellence

Scholarship at Indiana Wesleyan University is more than distinguished academics; it is the high quality of work that is expected from students and faculty members.

IWU is continually analyzing the world students will be entering after graduation to determine what enhancements must be made to the overall academic experience to better prepare its graduates to be "world changers." Thinking critically, communicating effectively and writing persuasively are skills all IWU students must learn to accomplish great things in their professions for Jesus Christ.

IWU is committed to providing its students with the solid academic foundation they need to excel in their chosen vocations. IWU faculty are highly qualified, annually receiving national and international recognition for their research, writing, creativity and performances. Many participate in and hold leadership positions in national disciplinary associations.

IWU provides more than 80 undergraduate and eight graduate degree programs. IWU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (312-263-0456). Several specific programs are accredited by separate agencies. In addition, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is approved by the Indiana State Board of Nursing, and The Indiana Professional Standards Board certifies state licensure for graduates of IWU's Teacher Education programs.

With an overall student/faculty ratio of 15:1, IWU is committed to giving its students the individual attention they need to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to change their world for Jesus Christ.

3. Life Calling and Leadership

Education at Indiana Wesleyan University is about discovering purpose and calling in life. Life calling is a larger issue than selecting a major, choosing a job, determining an occupation or planning a career. It is a blending of knowledge of the condition of the world and God's intentions for it, commitment to change the world for Christ, and appreciation of gifting and personal formation that yield a unique sense of personal calling and life purpose. Calling and purpose then become the foundation for making life decisions, such as a choice of major and career.

IWU's Center for Life Calling and Leadership provides students with biblically based "life coaching" that leads them through a life-calling discovery process that helps them:

  • Grasp what life calling really means.
  • Discern their life calling.
  • Know they have a purpose and understand where they are going.
  • Take steps appropriate for this level of their lives.
  • Be fully trained to flourish in a career consistent with their life calling.
  • Develop the life tools necessary to continue exploring and making decisions concerning their life calling, and continue the process throughout life.

At IWU, leadership is equated with serving - a leader is one who uses his or her God-given abilities to serve and develop others. As exemplified by Christ, positional leadership must be preceded by personal leadership - a strong character base that allows the person to lead from the foundational value of servanthood. The true leader is self-aware, is authentic with others, and operates from a basis of truth, integrity and ethics.

Every person has the capacity to lead. Each possesses unique gifts to be used in serving others. Some have the capacity to lead large groups, while others possess the ability to connect with a person who will only grow if he or she receives individual attention. No matter the number of followers or the details of situation, each person is called to use his or her skills, experiences and passions to lead others.

At IWU's Center for Life Calling and Leadership, qualified staff help students discover that who and what they are forms the very reason for their existence. Armed with this awareness and an understanding that as Christians they are to follow Christ's servant leadership example, the students are poised to develop their leadership skills.

As part of our mission to change the world for Christ, IWU's life calling curriculum is now being offered to students in Christian high schools throughout the country.

4. Qualified and Caring Faculty

Indiana Wesleyan University's faculty are well trained in their fields of expertise - a majority of our approximately 250 full-time faculty have earned doctoral degrees - and they remain current in their understanding through active participation in scholarship and engagement with national communities of scholars. Many IWU students participate with faculty in research and scholarship. This flows from faculty commitment to provide students with the highest quality Christian higher education possible. Faculty go beyond teaching and advising to mentoring and discipleship. The combination of academic excellence, Christian commitment and caring faculty produces life-changing and world-changing educational experiences.

IWU's programs for working adults utilize hundreds of course facilitators who work full time in the professions about which they teach part time for IWU. Each facilitator brings to bear his or her personal experience in teaching, transforming theory into practical real-world skill development.

5. Innovative Culture

Indiana Wesleyan University has the creative people, financial resources and visionary leadership to take advantage of the opportunities created in our fast-changing world. More importantly, IWU has the will to embrace innovation and invention without fear of failure or fear of the unknown.

IWU leadership is committed to maintaining an environment where creativity and forward thinking flourish, enabling the IWU community to shape the future. Faculty are encouraged to try new and creative ways of accomplishing course objectives. Grants, sabbaticals and other resources support faculty in developing new and better ways of keeping students abreast of the latest trends, techniques and research.

The success of IWU's educational programs for working adults has made IWU a model for other Christian and secular universities. Curriculum, course delivery and student services have all been specifically designed with the adult student's needs in mind.

IWU offers an innovative learning assistant service. Through a software package created at IWU, potential college students are able to evaluate the degrees that universities in their communities offer, and apply, register and enroll online.

In another program, IWU has partnered with local, state and federal agencies to help "at-risk youth" prepare for college life while still in elementary and high school. Through federal grants, IWU has fully staffed and managed two programs, Upward Bound and Academic Enrichment, which identify high school and fourth-grade students, respectively, who are not likely to go on to college. IWU secondary education majors tutor these students weekly in their own schools, and provide at no charge activities and educational opportunities on the IWU campus during summer months that prepare them for their transition into college life.

6. Outstanding Facilities and Learning Environments

The University's visually striking 300-acre main campus in Marion is located near Interstate 69, about an hour from both Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. Classes also are taught at other Education Centers throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

Since the 1990s, $200 million in new construction and renovation have transformed IWU into a net-debt-free, ultra-modern, student-focused, high-tech university. Forty-six construction projects have been completed, including 20 residence halls, 16 academic/administrative buildings, and 10 adult and professional studies structures. The following crowning facilities on the Marion campus represent the University's commitment to holistic student formation:

  • Jackson Library, the academic heart of the University, houses more than 110,000 bound volumes, 200,000 micro formats, and 650 journal subscriptions. The library's impressive two-story rotunda is home to the University's Society of World Changers, where busts of inductees are displayed.
  • Williams Prayer Chapel, the spiritual soul of the University, provides a peaceful, aesthetically appealing sanctuary for personal prayer, reflection and meditation.
  • The Barnes Student Center, the social hub of the University, offers a full range of student life services and features including a cinema, coffee house, entertainment center and dining options. In the fall of 2006, a $16 million expansion was completed that renovated 20,000 existing square feet and added 66,000 square feet of new space.
  • A multi-purpose Recreation and Wellness Center, the physical core of the University, features multiple gymnasiums, weight rooms, a swimming pool, a climbing wall, and other personal and corporate conditioning amenities.
  • The Phillippe Performing Arts Center, the cultural center of the University, seats 1,200 for concerts, recitals and theatrical performances. This acoustically engineered building was awarded the Gold Citation for exceptional architectural design.
  • The Chapel-Auditorium: Opened in January of 2010, the 3,800-seat Chapel-Auditorium provides the University with a much-needed large-capacity venue for chapel services, commencements, convocations, concerts and conventions.
  • Elder Hall: IWU's newest academic building, Elder Hall, is a three-story, state-of-the-art facility that provides 65,000 square feet of learning spaces. The first floor is dedicated to Communication Arts facilities, including IWU's radio station, WIWU-FM; The Sojourn, IWU's award-winning campus newspaper; theater and digital media classrooms; and WIWU-TV 51, serving the IWU and Marion communities. The second floor is home to language and literature centers, complete with computer labs, a writing center, a reading center and modern language labs. The third floor houses faculty offices and classroom facilities for the Division of Behavioral Sciences. This floor also features a counseling lab complex and a psychology lab. This $12.5 million facility provides 17 classrooms, six specialty learning labs, two lecture halls, two computer labs, and 50 faculty and staff offices, spaces where IWU students can gain academic knowledge and professional skills, pursue scholarship, experience fellowship and prepare to influence the world.

In addition to new construction, the stately John Wesley Administration Building, built in 1894, has been completely restored and stands as a symbolic connection to the University's rich past.

The following buildings have been either constructed or renovated since 1987:

Residence Halls (17 Projects)

Cox Court (1990)
Phillippe Court (1990)
Eastburn Court (razed 2000)
Carmin Hall (1992)
Evans Hall (1995)
Hodson Hall (1997)
Townhouses - five structures plus the Community Center (1998-99)
Reed Hall (1999)
Kem Hall (2001)
Scripture Hall (2001)
Martin Hall (2004)
Student Lodges - three structures (2005)
Shatford House (2006 renovation)
Townhouses (2006, 2007)
North Hall Complex (2007)
Townhouses North (2009)
South Hall Complex (2010)

Academic/Administrative Buildings (24 Projects)

Beard Arts Center (1992)
Graduate Counseling (1994, razed 2005)
Phillippe Performing Arts Center (1994)
Student Center (1994 renovation)
Alumni Center (1997)
Maxwell Center (1998)
President's Residence (1998)
Recreation and Wellness Center (1999)
Burns Hall of Science and Nursing (2000 renovation)
Williams Prayer Chapel (2001)
STAR Building (2001 renovation)
Student Center (2001 addition)
Jackson Library (2003)
Goodman Hall (2003 renovation)
John Wesley Administration Building (2003 renovation)
Alumni House (2005 relocation and renovation)
Adult and Graduate Studies Building (2005)
Facilities Services Center (2005)
Student Center (2006 addition)
Elder Hall (2007)
Center Hall (2007 renovation)
Sports Complex (2007)
Noggle Christian Ministries Center (2007 renovation)
Chapel-Auditorium (2009)

College of Adult and Professional Studies Projects (11 Buildings)

Fort Wayne Education Center (1994)
Indianapolis (North) Education Center (1997)
Indianapolis (West) Education Center (2000)
Kokomo Education Center (2003)
Cleveland Education Center (2003)
Shelbyville Education Center (2004)
Cincinnati Education Center (2004)
Louisville Education Center (2005)
Lexington Education Center (2005)
Merrillville Education Center (2006)
Greenwood Education Center (2007)

7. Diverse Delivery Systems

Since 1920, Indiana Wesleyan University has been providing quality, Christian education to traditional students on its campus in Marion, Indiana. In recent years, God has blessed the school with record enrollments in our traditional semester-based format. But, IWU is focused on meeting the learning needs of all students, including those who cannot participate according to the traditional academic calendar. The need for higher education at all stages of life has never been greater, but life commitments and work schedules limit the ability of many to fit advanced education into full daily schedules. Accessibility and convenience have become major factors in adults' decisions about whether and where they go to college. As a result, IWU has successfully implemented two major degree delivery systems that enable IWU to serve a wider population of students.

In 1985, IWU enrolled its first students in a new program specifically designed to meet the lifestyle needs of working adults. Twenty-five years later, IWU's adult programs now serve more than 7,000 students in more than 90 locations throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

In 1996, IWU began offering degrees and courses online. Today, more than 5,000 students are pursuing advanced degrees in the online environment.

8. Financially Sound Future

The future at Indiana Wesleyan University is bright. We have experienced a remarkable transformation during the past two decades. Much of this can be attributed to a consistent ethos of fiscal accountability. Since 1987:

  • The annual budget has increased from $6 million to $173 million.
  • Unrestricted giving has grown from $148,000 to more than $4.5 million.
  • Capital campaigns of $12 million and $55 million were completed when feasibility studies suggested that goals of $4.5 million and $28 million were realistic.
  • Grants totaling $35 million have been secured.
  • The endowment has grown from a deficit to a surplus of more than $50 million.

To God be the glory for the great things he is doing!