Master of Business Administration

About the Program

Students in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program design solutions and strategies for complex business problems and opportunities; evaluate personal management capabilities and design a plan for economic growth; and integrate critical analysis with disciplines such as management, finance and economics, or an accounting specialization.

IWU students will synthesize ethical standards in decision-making and strategy development, create appropriate communication strategies to achieve organizational goals and integrate a biblical framework from a Christian university that guides interactions within the business environment and workplace.

Upon degree completion of the adult MBA program, you will be able demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Develop, execute and evaluate complex business plans
  • Assess personal management strengths and weaknesses
  • Plan, organize and evaluate daily business activities of yourself and others
  • Use resources in an efficient, effective, ethical and humanitarian way

Our accredited MBA program emphasizes the acquisition of technical management skills within a peer group or management team context. Each course in this Master’s degree program requires the adoption of an individual and cooperative approach to problem-solving. Written problem analysis is required throughout the program, as is the development of presentation skills. Courses are taken one at a time in sequential order.

For students who prefer distance education, the program may be completed online. If you prefer a classroom experience instead of distance learning, this business graduate program is offered in LexingtonFlorence, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Ohio; and also at our Indiana campus locations.  


  • To provide the education students need to earn a Christian Master’s in business administration for a variety of business and management careers, and to extend the range and nature of careers available to them
  • To provide an intensive curriculum in management science that identifies the critical ingredients of effective management and reflects the nature of the environment in which the bulk of business decision-making occurs
  • To provide students with both the qualitative and quantitative skills relevant to effective managerial functioning as identified by survey data of business and industry
  • To provide the skill development required to review and absorb large amounts of information over relatively short periods of time, to work effectively under pressure, and to deploy people and material resources efficiently toward a goal of accurately diagnosing and solving complex business problems
  • To develop as a school of business and leadership with an awareness of the personal and ethical contexts within which business decision-making occurs
  • To give graduates an increased ability to reconcile the specific goals of the firm with the broader goals of society
  • To provide students with an understanding of the importance of the application of Christian principles in a business setting

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