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There are times when you know that God has gifted you and is calling you to music - you're just not sure how, when, or why! You know you do not wish to teach in the classroom, but you just can't bear the thought of not studying music. Perhaps you are also gifted in another area and are looking for a way to double major in music. Perhaps you are open to attending graduate school, or opening your very own private studio, or performing, or assisting with the church music ministry. Indiana Weseyan University's Applied Music major is designed as a liberal arts degree to prepare you for your future - wherever that may be!

Students may also choose to minor in Music as a supplement to another IWU major.

The IWU Division of Music is committed to preparing you completely with courses in the liberal arts, your specific instrument, music theory, music history, conducting, instrumental techniques, and piano skills and composition, as well as offering you a variety of vocal and instrumental ensemble opportunities. You will be challenged and mentored by caring, Christ-like faculty who are committed to helping you become ready to change the world through music, wherever God may lead you.


One of the best ways to discover a degree program is to check out the course listings. By simply clicking on the course titles below, you can get a preview of the classes you will attend as a student at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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* MUS-125 required for Vocal Emphasis only. MUS-248 required for Keyboard Emphasis only.


Instrumental Emphasis

(All 4 Techniques courses)






General Emphasis Applied Music majors must add the following:

  • Four semesters of Secondary Applied (4 Hours)
  • Large ensemble in Secondary area (2 Hours)
  • MUS-280 Choral Techniques(2 Hours)
  • Instrumental Techniques (2 Hours)


The Indiana Wesleyan University Division of Music requires every student majoring in Music and Music Education to fulfill a piano proficiency requirement. This requirement is established according to the guidelines provided by the National Association of Schools of Music, which gives accreditation to college music programs in the United States. Students whose emphasis is not piano should enroll in Class Piano and those whose primary instrument is piano should enroll in Keyboard Skills.

Music Ed. / Choral Yes Yes Yes Yes
Music Ed. / General Yes Yes Yes Yes
Music Ed. / Instrumental Yes Yes Yes
Applied / Vocal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Applied / Instrumental Yes Yes Yes
Church Music Yes Yes Yes Yes
Theory / Composition Yes Yes Yes
All music minors Yes Yes

Students with prior piano experience may demonstrate their ability to enter at a higher level through audition. Check the Class Piano Levels table to determine your appropriate entry level. For this option, you must consult a member of the Piano faculty.

  1. Exit juries are required at the final level of class piano study (see table above).
  2. These exit juries will be administered during finals week.
  3. 60% of the grade will be based on class work; 40% will be based on the final exam or exit jury for final level.
  4. If a student earns a grade lower than C (C- or below) for any level, he or she is required to re-enroll in the same class level until a C or above is earned.
B. Mus, Applied / Piano Yes Yes
Music Ed. / Piano Yes Yes
Church Music / Piano Yes
B.Mus, Composition / Piano Yes
Music Minors / Piano Yes

Music Minor*


* Students choose between either MUS-371 or MUS-372. Students will also need 7 credit hours of Second Applied and/or Music electives, four semesters of Large Ensemble participation, completion of the Young Performer Series recital during the final semester of applied study, and completion of Piano Proficiency (competency through Level II - 2 to 4 credit hours).


At Indiana Wesleyan University, our Applied Music courses are intentionally designed to prepare you to serve the Lord with excellence in your chosen instrument. Our faculty members all have master's or doctoral degrees in Music Performance and are active performers in local, regional, national, and international venues. In addition, many are involved in presenting at regional, national, and international music conferences and shining the light of Jesus by their lives and presence throughout the world of music performance and pedagogy. Excellent instructors as well as performers, they offer years of study, practice, pedagogy, and performance experiences to come alongside and mentor you in your musical and spiritual journey.

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