Question 2 - Devotional or Discussion Guide


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How would you rate your "energy" level (high, medium, low), and why?

When you think of a spiritually powerful person, who comes to mind and why?

Read Ephesians 1:15-23 and 3:14-21. What stands out to you in these prayers of Paul? How are these prayers similar to or different from your usual prayers?

How would you rate your "optimism" about God's work in you?

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Pessimistic...............Optimistic (3:20)

What tends to drain your spiritual power (saps your spiritual strength)? What empowers you spiritually (positions you to receive more of God's power)?

In Leadership Journal (Summer 2005) Dieter Zander stated "Spiritual formation begins with the question "What's possible? People will live up or down to their beliefs."

In what area of your life would you wish to raise your expectations…to expect more from God?

What beliefs do you hold or experiences have you had that lower your expectations of what God might do in your life?

Question 2 Reflection Guide Graphic

God works most powerfully in our lives when we have high expectations (great faith) and complete consecration (full surrender of our lives to Him). On the above grid, where would you place your own spiritual life at this point?

What is God leading you to pray about?

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Last updated: 04/16/2015