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When you think of "God's will" or "God's purpose" what comes to mind?

Read Ephesians 1:1-14. As you read the passage, what stood out to you?

Looking back over your life - what have been key "surrender moments" (placing your whole life in the "offering plate") in your relationship with God?

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In the booklet "Establishing Your Purpose" (Vision Foundation, Knoxville, TN) God's will is described this way:

God's ULTIMATE will - much of it is in the realm of the eternal, and remains a mystery.

God's UNIVERSAL will for all - God's desires and design for every person.

God's UNIQUE will for you - what God wants to accomplish in and through you specifically.

Is there any area of God's UNIVERSAL will that has been especially challenging for you as you've sought to live a life to please God (holy living, witnessing, loving others, developing the fruit of the Spirit, etc.)?

How do you see God UNIQUELY working His will in your life related to:

Your character development

Your ministry for Him

God desires for us to have a holy ambition to do His will - what is the difference between selfish ambition (James 1:14, 16) and godly ambition (Romans 15:20)?

The video concluded with the thought that rather than asking "Am I enjoying it?" a better question might be "Is God enjoying it?" How do you respond to this thought? What is an area in your life currently that God is enjoying (puts a smile on God's face)?

What is God leading you to pray about?

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Last updated: 04/16/2015