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Transfer your METC credits to IWU

As a military service member, your sacrifices are costly and you wear your uniform with pride. We want to honor you by equipping you to advance your military career or pursue a successful civilian career after your retirement. Picture yourself landing the career you’ve always wanted. We’ll help you get there.

IWU takes pride in being an innovative leader in military degree pathways that maximize military transfer credits, saving you valuable time and money. You can use your military training and experience - or other voluntary college-level learning - to transfer up to 75% of a degree program and meet actual program requirements.

At IWU, you could:

  • Finish an associate degree in as few as  7 months
  • Finish a bachelor’s degree in just over  1 year
  • Finish a master’s degree in just over  1 year

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Easily Transfer Your Training to an IWU Degree

Bridge Pathways make it easy for you to see how your METC training credits will transfer toward actual IWU degree requirements.

METC Training Program IWU Degree Program Transferable Credit Hours Courses to Complete Degree Plan
All METC Programs A.S. Public Service and Management Up to 45 Varies based on transfer
All METC Programs Associate to MBA Pathway 60 20
All METC Programs Associate to M.S. Management Pathway 60 18
All METC Programs B.S. Global Security and Strategy Management Up to 90 Varies based on transfer
All METC Programs B.S. Service and Leadership Up to 90 Varies based on transfer
Behavioral Health Technician A.S. Human Services 15 15
Behavioral Health Technician B.S. Human Services 24 19
Behavioral Health Technician B.S. Addictions Counseling 24 20


Behavioral Health Technician B.S. Psychology 18 19
Radiologic Technologist B.S. Health Sciences 14 39
Radiologic Technologist (+ AS degree from CAHS and ARRT Registry) B.S. Health Sciences 65 17-18

*Note: These pathways only show the transferability of the METC training. Other military training and previous college-level learning may be transferable, as well, further reducing the number of credit hours required to graduate.

Military Preferred Tuition Discount

IWU extends military preferred tuition to active duty, National Guard, reserves, retirees, veterans, spouses and surviving spouses, DOD employees, DHS employees, and dependent children with educational benefits.


  • $250 per credit hour tuition rate
  • 10% tuition discount to spouse & dependents
  • Free digital textbooks
  • $0 out-of-pocket technology fee


  • 15% tuition discount
  • Free digital textbooks
  • Technology fee - $15 per course

*Some restrictions apply. Visit the Military Preferred Tuition webpage for details.

Programs Built for Service Members and Veterans

Many of our programs are available in a flexible learning format, meaning you can choose to earn your degree fully online or onsite in a regional education center located in Indiana, Kentucky, or Ohio.

We Recommend These Programs

IWU designed these programs to maximize the transfer of your military training and experience to accelerate speed-to-degree and save money. 

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