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WE5 United in Mission

We can help you develop marketplace multipliers that are prepared to be professional and spiritual leaders in a changing work landscape.

At Indiana Wesleyan University, our goal is to help people get back to work through relevant training and transformational education. We hope to partner with you, our church leaders, for the Kingdom as you equip your congregation spiritually, educationally, and financially.

Upskill Forward


We know access to the right training is important. Education and training opportunities help people find jobs, fill talent gaps for employers, increase earning potential and help people build more fulfilling lives in general. UpSkill Forward is here to help you find the right learning opportunities for the people you shepherd and serve every day.


UpSkill Forward was created to help both employers and workers close technical skill gaps by providing access to low-cost online training and credentials. The training we provide is aligned with real jobs in the workforce, and, in some cases, can even be connected to college credits.

The Talent Ladder at IWU, in partnership with 180 Skills, created UpSkill Forward, which offers over 700 interactive online lessons in various industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Logistics

How can UpSkill Forward help you?

We can help you develop marketplace multipliers that are prepared to be professional and spiritual leaders in a changing work landscape. 

These credentials distinguish people in the marketplace by giving them a competitive edge and the preparation they need to succeed, not only at finding a job but at excelling within their vocation. Our goal, like yours, is to help people find meaningful work where they can be a force for the Kingdom.

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Wesleyan Adult Education Pathway Scholarship

This scholarship is a 15% tuition discount for all new students who self-identify as a member of The Wesleyan Church.* It applies to academic programs at IWU–National & Global.


*Student must answer “yes” to the application question: “Are you a member of The Wesleyan Church?” Students can also mention their church membership status to their program representative. Discount cannot be applied on top of other discounts or scholarships. Eligible students must start classes before 10/1/2020. Discount does not apply to UpSkill Forward programs. Discount does not apply to School of Health Sciences (except MPH), nurse practitioner, doctoral, ULeap, residential, or graduate counseling programs.

Resources for Pastors

The following resources are available to download and use at your discretion as you share these programs with your congregation and community.