Dual Bachelor Degree Option for God’s Bible School and College

Welcome GBSC students! A special pathway has been designed especially for you. This pathway maximizes your time and money by allowing you to earn two bachelor degrees for the time and cost of one. 70-80 credits are earned at GBSC and 40-60 credits hours are earned at IWU. Together these credits equal a bachelor degree from GBSC in Integrative Studies and a second in the bachelor degree of your choice from the list below.

Because IWU’s courses are offered online, GBSC students can stay in the GBSC dorm and benefit from the culture and atmosphere of campus.Typically this dual pathway will take 4-5 years to complete and the student will graduate with two degrees, one from each institution! For more info about this partnership, click here.

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While IWU will make it a priority to make students aware of available tuition discounts during the enrollment process, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to notify IWU should they become eligible for a discount once enrolled.
Tuition discounts are not automatically applied. Students must fill out and submit a discount application and proof of eligibility to Adult Enrollment Services (Deanna Bowman) in order to receive a tuition discount.
Tuition discounts may only be retroactively applied back to the beginning of the student’s current Financial Aid period, or equivalent for those students not utilizing Financial Aid.