Create-Your-Own Family Weekend!

This year, Family Weekend happens when YOU choose.

How will this work?

Step 1) Choose any weekend beginning March 18 through the end of the semester. This will allow you to check your student’s and your family's schedules to choose the best weekend to visit your IWU student. Who is considered family? Anyone YOU consider family, we do, too! Parents, siblings, guardians, grandparents, friends…all are welcome!

Step 2) Email to let us know when you will be on campus for YOUR Family Weekend.

Step 3) Pick up your customized Wildcat Country Adventure packet from the Parent Relations Office. Your packet will include activity options, coupons, a parking pass, and more!

Step 4) Enjoy time with your IWU student!

Family Weekend: Create Your Own Weekend!

Family Weekend: How to participate in Create Your Own Weekend

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