IWU students and faculty have access to both the on-site library Off Campus Library Services (OCLS).

The on-site library is located in the lounge of the Lexington Education and Conference Center and is open whenever classes are in session. This library offers:

  • A reference collection.
  • Computers furnished with both Microsoft Office and Internet/database access.
  • A regional OCLS librarian with a Master's degree in Library and Information Science to assist with research, database training, and computer skills. To set up an appointment:

    Amy Lorson, OCLS Librarian
    502-261-5009 (fax)

The OCLS staff are based in Marion, Indiana, but they are only a mouse click or a phone call (800-521-1848) away! The OCLS team provides:

  • Home access to over 30 online academic research databases.
  • Rapid photocopy, fax, and e-mail shipment of journal articles not found online.
  • Research assistance when the regional librarian is not available.

Library Subscription Databases

IWU's online databases provide access to scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles and book texts. Some resources are only available in hardcopy at the IWU Jackson Library in Marion, Indiana, and may be obtained by using the online request form or calling 800-521-1848 for assistance.

Your local public library will also provide you with access to online databases. Databases at the public library can be accessed with a public library card. Visit the Lexington Public Library or your local branch library, or call the Lexington Public Library at 859-231-5520 for more information.

APA Citation Style

Indiana Wesleyan University programs utilize the APA citation format style for all coursework.

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