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Churches Supporting IWU Students

The Church Matching Scholarship (CMS) program was created to allow churches to encourage and assist IWU students in covering a portion of their education expenses.

This program allows your church family to give gifts through the local church, which helps support you financially while at IWU. Moreover, those gifts from your church family are matched by Indiana Wesleyan University.

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So, How Does a CMS Work?

When someone gives to a CMS, all donations go directly into your church’s general CMS account. Then, your church submits an official application to IWU by the deadline each school year, designating which student to apply the funds toward.

This program is not intended to be a means of matching funds from the students, their parents, or their relatives. Gifts from the student, their parents, or their relatives specifying the student as the recipient would violate the spirit of this program.

You Give to Your Church's CMS Account
(without designating a student)

IWU Matches Your Gift
(up to $1,500 for Wesleyan churches)

Annually, Your Church Determines Which Student Receives Funds

Important Dates

Fall Semester

Award Form due: June 1

Church contribution due: June 1

*If funds are not available at the filing of the award, an Extension Form (pdf) must be filed by June 1.

Spring Semester

Award Form due: January 4

Church contribution due: January 4

Give to Your Church's CMS


Forms and Resources

Be sure to check this page each year to submit online (or print) forms and to confirm due dates, which are subject to change. All CMS forms must be completed by a selected representative of the church (i.e. pastor, treasurer, scholarship committee member, or secretary). Parents, relatives, or students may not complete a CMS application on behalf of their church.

Award Form

Online Form  Printable Form

*Funds designated for the Spring Semester only can be submitted until January 4th. Use this option if you missed the July 1 deadline for Fall Semester, have a transfer student, etc., and still want to take advantage of a full match on donations from your Account.

Extension Form

Online Form  Printable Form

Use this form to file for an extension from the July 1 deadline. 

Church Matching Scholarship FAQs

No, all donations go directly into your church’s general CMS account.

Your church then submits an official application to IWU each school year designating which student to apply the funds towards.

The Pastor(s)/leader(s) of your church have the final say in which students receive funds.

All Christian denominations are eligible to participate.

Churches may support their students with larger scholarships, but IWU will only match up to $1,500 per eligible student for Wesleyan denominational churches and up to $1,000 per eligible student for all other Christian churches.

Yes. Once a student is enrolled in the program, he or she may continue to benefit as long as:

  • the student meets all the eligibility guidelines
  • the student's church submits an official application to IWU by the CMS deadline each year
  • scholarship funds are received at IWU by any required deadlines

Students of IWU employees are not eligible to receive the IWU Matching award; however, they may receive CMS funds from their congregation.

The IWU funds match is available only to IWU-Marion students.

No problem! To receive funds from the CMS program, no federal or state financial aid forms need to be submitted.

The student may still receive the benefit of the CMS program award of up to $1,500 from IWU for Wesleyan denominational churches, and up to $1,000 from IWU for all other churches. 

Yes. However, immediate family members cannot contribute while their student is receiving the benefit of CMS.

Individuals and businesses from your church can give directly to IWU and designate their gifts to your church's CMS account. The individuals/businesses would be gift-receipted for a donation to IWU and the dollars would go into your church's CMS account.

To ensure there is no delay in their gift being added to your church’s CMS account, make sure the check is payable to Indiana Wesleyan University and in the memo line on the check, write "Church Name - CMS”.

Giving Options

Give Online
Give Online

*include the church name in the Designation box.

Give Via Mail

Mail checks to:
Advancement Services
4201 S. Washington St.
Marion, IN 46953

Gifts given to a CMS fund can absolutely be matched by your employer!

A CMS fund at IWU will grow more rapidly as donors utilize their employers’ matching programs. So we encourage you to take full advantage of your employer's matching gift program if they have one.

Please contact your employer’s Human Resources office to check if they offer this benefit and to find out how you can participate. 

*Note: If your child is not benefiting from the CMS program that year you may give through this type of program. Otherwise, you may not give to this program while your child is actively receiving funds.

Any unused scholarship money remains in the church's account for future use.