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Up to 90 credits may transfer toward the 120 credits required to earn a B.S. at Indiana Wesleyan University, depending on the degree program being pursued and how and from where the credits were earned. 

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Transferring Your Credits

IWU's Transfer of Credits Policy was designed so you can transfer as many course credits as possible toward earning your B.S. degree. To determine which course credits will transfer, we consider the institution's Accreditation and the Course Requirements.

Courses must meet the following criteria in order for the credits to transfer:

  • You earned a grade of "C" or better
  • The course number is 100 or higher
  • The course is not remedial, pre-college, or developmental
  • The course does not duplicate a course in IWU's major core

Courses from regionally accredited schools are handled differently than those from schools that are nationally accredited. (Here is a quick explanation of the difference between these two types of accreditation.) All earned course credits from regionally accredited schools are considered for transfer.

IWU has well-established policies to award credits for courses from nationally accredited schools. We evaluate them on an individual basis. For example, RNs graduating from an ADN program at a nationally accredited school can earn up to 80 transfer credits, allowing them to enter IWU's RN-BSN program with an advanced standing equal to a second semester junior. We ask students to submit transcripts from all prior college studies so the maximum amount of credits can be awarded.

Credits awarded by any school for life experience or portfolios will not transfer. If you desire this type of credit, you will be asked to assemble for evaluation a portfolio of prior work, additional training, and life experience.

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Online Transfer Student FAQs

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Generally speaking, courses must be from properly-accredited institutions and meet the following criteria in order for the credits to transfer:

  • You earned a grade of "C" or better
  • The course number is 100 or higher
  • The course is not remedial, pre-college, or developmental
  • The course does not duplicate a course in IWU's major core

The enrollment process is simple. Enrollment counselors are available to personally assist you each step of the way.

Here is an abbreviated list of the steps most students will take:

  1. Complete an online enrollment application.
  2. Have official transcripts sent to us from all colleges where you have earned any college credits.
    • A transcript will only be considered official if it is mailed by the school's registrar directly to IWU in a sealed envelope. You may not deliver them.
  3. Submit a copy of your TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores if English is not your primary language.
    • Once the above steps are completed, IWU will evaluate your transcripts and officially accept you into a B.S. completion program.
  4. Determine which payment plan you will use. Our Financial Aid staff can help you determine whether you are eligible for state and federal grants, loans, scholarships, veteran's benefits, and other options. If your employer is reimbursing you, you may have your payment due date postponed until after each course in complete. If you choose to self-pay, you must pay for each course before it starts.

Once your payment plan has been established, you are ready to start taking classes!

The core courses constitute the major in which IWU is going to award the student a degree. To satisfy the residency requirement in order for IWU to be the degree-granting institution in that major, the coursework must be completed at IWU.
Yes. IWU has a generous transfer of credit policy. Each program has different restrictions and requirements regarding transfer credit; contact a enrollment counselor to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information.
IWU is a regionally accredited institution. To maintain our accreditation standards, we cannot accept transfer credit from a school that has not undergone the rigorous evaluation required to obtain regional accreditation. This would invalidate the accreditation process.

National accreditation, though it sounds broader in scope, is quite different from regional accreditation.

While many national or international accrediting agencies perform valid accreditation of specific programs (IWU holds several such national accreditations), the majority of national accreditations are technical or specific to a profession, rather than academic in nature.

Yes. For undergraduate students, we provide the opportunity to obtain credit for prior learning and experience. The process involves careful documentation in the form of a portfolio (a collection of evidence) of prior training and experiences that demonstrates their legitimate equivalency to specific college-level coursework.

Up to 40 credit hours of portfolio credit can be documented in this manner for most programs.