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Applying for admission to an Online or Hybrid (online & regional) program at Indiana Wesleyan University can open the door to making your personal and professional goals a reality.

Our programs combine theory and the practical employment experiences of adult professionals to create a truly dynamic learning environment. IWU graduates can be found in corporations, school districts, health care agencies, government entities, and many other types of organizations. With an emphasis on character, scholarship and leadership, our goal is to prepare every student to be a world changer.

  • No application fee
  • Rolling admission / no application deadline
  • ACT / SAT test not required for regular admission (testing policy information below)
  • No required essay for admission
  • Timely admission decisions


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*This webpage is for online/hybrid students. Looking to study on-campus?

Online Admissions Requirements

Online Admissions Process









160+ Online and Regional Degree Programs

Many of our programs are available in a flexible learning format, meaning you can choose to earn your degree fully online or onsite in a regional education center located in Indiana, Kentucky, or Ohio.

Online Admission FAQs

These questions will help you in the application and admissions phase of attending IWU online.

Tuition and fees vary according to the degree program you plan to pursue.

For further information, please refer to the specific webpage of the program in which you are interested.

As a not-for-profit institution, our tuition and fees are very competitive, and we disclose the full costs of tuition, books, and all normal fees up front.

As a general rule, any U.S. citizen who is not in default under a prior student loan is eligible for a federal student loan program if enrolled in a program leading to a degree, professional licensure, or certification.

Your enrollment counselor or our Financial Aid Office can help you determine your eligibility for financial aid programs.

No, there is no application fee for most Online & Regional programs.

Yes, Indiana Wesleyan University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Regional accreditation is the form of academic accreditation that is universally recognized by colleges and universities throughout the United States.

Haven't Yet Submitted an Application? Give us a call! 1-866-498-4968

Already Submitted an Application An Admissions Representative will be assigned to you when we receive your application. This person will guide you step-by-step through the application process.

Once all documents are received, it usually takes only a couple of business days to process your application.

It is best to submit your application as early as possible to allow time to gather and submit the required documents.

At a minimum, you should start the process at least two weeks before the deadline. Some programs may necessitate a longer lead time due to admission requirements.

Many of our programs have a class starting every 6 to 8 weeks, so you can submit any remaining documents in plenty of time to join the next class session.
For most programs, no. Most of our online courses are designed without any residency or on-campus meetings of any kind.

Studying Online FAQs

So, what it's like to be an online student? Here's a few common questions about what it's like to study online.

A wide variety of learning activities are used, in order to give students numerous ways and opportunities to demonstrate their learning, and the types of activities do vary from program to program.

All of our online programs have papers and projects, just like those found in classroom programs, but there are also virtual tours, video presentations and case studies, interactive CD-ROM or Web-based activities, simulations, and similar learning activities that are particularly well-suited to the online environment and adult learners.

There is no prescribed date and time for class sessions. Each class session or "workshop" lasts seven days.

Students log in throughout those seven days to view their assignments, participate in discussions and team activities, and submit their assignments.

The key advantage to online learning is the flexibility and convenience of participating in class when it best suits your schedule.

Instructors have two weeks after the last day of class to submit grades. After that, you may access them through your student portal.

Online Campus Library Services (OCLS) is available to help you with research, identifying what materials are available and obtaining them for you. Assistance is available at 800-521-1848 or

Some of our regional Education Centers also have local library materials and librarian assistance.

Lectures, in the traditional sense, are not a significant part of IWU's online learning programs.

Our faculty members participate in the class discussions and provide their insights in interactive fashion rather than a sit-and-listen lecture.

There is also a Facilitator's Forum that affords our faculty a venue in which to expand upon or explain textbook concepts. Other supplements, such as CD-ROMs and virtual tours, are also frequently used to supplement the textbooks.

The Virtual Classroom feature, online collaboration tools, and instant messaging are all available, and we encourage their use - particularly for team projects - as a means of developing 21st-century communication skills and experience.
Yes! Since no specific communication software is needed other than email and a web browser, you can access your online courses anytime and from anywhere that you have Internet access... hotels, Internet cafés, airports, etc.

Under emergency circumstances, a student may be allowed:

  • One (1) absence in courses that are five class sessions ("workshops") or fewer in length, or
  • Two (2) absences in courses that are more than five class sessions in length
For online classes, to be counted present, a student must participate in at least one designated discussion or submit at least one assignment due during the workshop.

For more information and for specific attendance requirements by program, see the IWU Catalog.

No. Since the course objectives, major learning activities and assignments, and assessment criteria are essentially the same for online and onsite courses, no distinction is reflected on your transcript. You will earn the same degree online as you would in a classroom. The only difference is where you hold your class discussions and where you submit your assignments.
Textbooks and other resources are included in the overall cost of most of our programs. You will receive your textbooks and materials for your first course a couple of days before it begins. After that, textbooks are scheduled for delivery about a week ahead of each new course starting.
We know that life can occasionally throw people a curve. Most of our programs have a new class starting every six to eight weeks, which is about the same length of an average course. This means that students can readily pick back up where they left off if they must skip a course to deal with an unexpected situation.

IWU Transcript Request

Current students can access their unofficial academic record through the IWU student portal:

If you are unable to access the link above, contact the Registrar’s Office at 765-677-2131 or

Indiana Wesleyan University is using Parchment for ordering transcripts.  As a result, you will now need to submit your transcript request through their services. IWU will still be mailing transcripts from the Marion Campus until we have completed the next phase of this partnership, which will be the electronic delivery. However, please note that Parchment is providing the ordering service only at this time.

An official transcript will show:

  • Degree(s)
  • Courses
  • Grades
  • Credit hours
  • Dates of instruction
  • Honors
  • Majors
  • Specializations

A $5 fee is charged for each mailed transcript and $10 for each faxed transcript. Additionally, Parchment will charge $2.50 per each transcript request.

  • Only unofficial transcripts will be faxed.
  • Indiana Wesleyan University currently does not send transcripts electronically.
  • Federal Express/overnight options are available and can be chosen through Parchment when ordering.
  • Current students can access their unofficial academic record through
  • It is university policy not to release a transcript if there is a financial hold on file, if any loans are delinquent, or if payment is not submitted with the request.
  • If you have had a name change, please provide a copy of the legal document showing this change.

Delivery of Transcripts:

IWU will continue to deliver the transcripts in the following time frame:

  • Mail - within 2-3 business days
  • Fax - within 24 hours
  • Federal Express - within 24 hours