Scott Ellman

Admissions Counselor

Serving students in central Indiana (Counties: Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Marion, and Shelby.)

From Scott...

My name is Scott Ellman and I graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and have a master's degree in business. Although I am not a graduate of IWU, I worked at a Christian (K-12) school for many years. What inspired me to come to IWU as an admissions counselor was seeing the many incredibly successful lives that this university nurtured in the students we had entrusted to this institution; academically, personally, and spiritually.

My role is to help support relationships with partner schools and serve as the admissions counselor for families of the Indianapolis Metro area. It is a privilege to help be a guide in what is one of the most important decisions a student will make in their lifetime.

A Bit About Scott

Seeing the potential in the students that God has brought here. These young men and women will be challenged to change the world with the talents and giftings God has given them.
Have coffee or lunch with staff or students. Get to know them and pray for them.

College can seem too big or overwhelming, which can stop many students from pursuing higher education. I want to help students and their families understand the entire process and help and guide them to solutions to give confidence to step out in faith on this journey.

It is an intersection of God’s calling/provision and academic excellence. All universities will challenge students academically, but here at IWU the student’s spiritual life is not just something to have in a brochure, but is a primary focus, no matter what their major.
Ida Douglas. She was my 84-year-old neighbor I met when my parents and I moved to Western Indiana (I was going into 6th grade). I was not raised in a Christian family, but Ida came down the day we moved in, introduced herself, and invited me to church, because there was a boy my age there. My parents never went to church, but Ida picked me up every week, all through high school. I would not fully give my life to the Lord until years later, but I often think of Ida, taking time to make sure a young man was at church every Sunday hearing the Word of God. Be a light to someone, you never know when it will shine bright to them.
Astronomy and reading.
College is unlike any other opportunity you will ever experience. During the four years you spend at IWU, you will grow spiritually, emotionally, and academically. You will develop friendships that will quite literally be for a lifetime. Pray where the Lord is leading you, but once that is decided, jump in with reckless abandon, and let God use that time to refine you to be ready to go out and do amazing things for the Kingdom.