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College is a transformative experience that cultivates personal discovery and opens career opportunities. At Indiana Wesleyan University, we are committed to opening doors for prospective students to experience an exceptional education at a world-class Christian university.

Our application process and admissions policies reflect this commitment:

  • No application fee
  • Rolling admission / no application deadline
  • ACT / SAT test not required for regular admission (testing policy information below)
  • No required essay for admission
  • Timely admission decisions (typically within 2 to 3 weeks)


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*This webpage is for on-campus students. Looking to study online/regionally?

On-campus Admissions Requirements

*If your academic performance falls below one or more of the listed requirements, an admissions counselor will request additional information regarding your academic history.

*Homeschooled students must submit a transcript with GPA on a 4.0 scale and signed by a parent.

**International students have additional requirements.

On-campus Admissions Process

Important Admissions Dates

We strongly encourage students to apply and be admitted as early as possible, keeping in mind several important dates for students seeking to start in the fall:

November 1

To be among the first students to receive a financial aid offer

March 1

To be eligible to sign up for Admitted Student Weekend (first chance to register for classes!)

June 1

To be eligible to attend our final summer registration events on campus, jumpstarting your transition to becoming a Wildcat


Dual Enrollment for High School Students

Indiana Wesleyan University is excited to offer dual enrollment opportunities to high school juniors and seniors.

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Courses are offered onsite at the IWU-Marion campus in Marion, Indiana.

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Online & Regional

Courses are offered online and at regional locations located throughout the Midwest.

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Wildcat Summer Academy

High school students are invited to spend one week on IWU’s campus immersed in a subject of their choices—such as art, business, music, or nursing—and explore the Christian faith in the context of their specific area of interest.

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On-campus Admissions FAQs

Typically, students receive an answer from the Admissions team within two weeks of applying to IWU.

After being accepted to IUW, you're ready to begin planning your first year on campus!

1. Submit Your Deposit (and any additional forms)

2. Register for Classes

3. Determine Housing

4. Get Cleared for Class

Submit Deposit

The next step toward beginning your collegiate career at Indiana Wesleyan University is to submit your $200 deposit.

The deposit is a $200 "pre-payment" on the upcoming semester's tuition and is applied directly to your student account -- it's not an additional fee. 

Your deposit also unlocks registration opportunities where you can register for classes. 

Your deposit payment will be processed within two business days and you will be able to access the Housing Application via the MyIWU portal. When accessing the portal, be sure to have your username and password available. Please contact your Admissions Counselor if you need these credentials sent to you.

*For fall applicants, the tuition deposit is refundable until May 1st.

Your first semester of classes is typically selected at New Student Registration.

Choose Your Registration Date

Whether you plan to live on campus or commute, all students need to complete a Housing Application or Off-Campus Application.

Students will also choose a meal plan and request any roommates on this page.

Housing Application

All new and returning students are required to complete some clearance items in order to move in to their residence hall and begin classes.

Get Cleared for Class

We realize that the recent pandemic has limited the opportunities for many prospective students to adequately prepare for and safely take the ACT and/or SAT.

In careful response to these realities, Indiana Wesleyan University has adopted a comprehensive approach to reviewing applicants that includes a careful review of applicants’ high school grades, hobbies and interests, and college motivation as part of the upcoming recruitment cycle.  The IWU admissions team looks forward to evaluating applicants’ fit based on comprehensive measures, not just a test score and GPA. We still encourage students to submit their test scores to Indiana Wesleyan University if available. Test scores can assist with building the appropriate academic course schedule and with identifying additional resources available to students related to academic support.

Additionally, Indiana Wesleyan University leadership has decided to not consider ACT or SAT when calculating academic merit scholarships for the upcoming recruitment cycle. We believe this decision is most equitable for prospective students. For the incoming class, merit scholarships will be calculated using high school weighted GPA's (or unweighted, if weighted calculations are not available). Transfer student merit scholarships will be calculated using collegiate GPA’s. 

Although general admission and merit scholarships no longer incorporate standardized test scores for this recruitment cycle, there may be situations when ACT/SAT scores may be helpful to incoming students. For example:

  • ACT/SAT/CLT scores guide which courses a student is required to take. Submitting ACT/SAT/CLT scores may, at times, result in a student testing out of certain required courses.
  • ACT/SAT/CLT scores may be required for students who fall below regular academic requirements for admission as potential indicators of academic readiness.
  • Some academic departments may require ACT/SAT/CLT scores for admission into programs or recommend ACT/SAT/CLT scores as a preferred criterion for program admission. (For example, ACT/SAT/CLT are recommended for admission into the School of Teacher Education, although alternative options may be available.)
  • ACT/SAT/CLT scores may be helpful for students to apply to certain academic programs, such as the John Wesley Honors College, Luther Lee Scholars Program, or School of Teacher Education.

Submitting ACT/SAT/CLT scores will not negatively affect an admission decision to Indiana Wesleyan University or financial aid merit scholarship assignment. Students who have test scores should submit their scores to the Office of Admissions (fax: 765-677-2333 or email: admissionsforms@indwes.edu) at least one month before registering for classes. Student-athlete recruits should discuss eligibility requirements with their coach. Requirements may include ACT/SAT scores. 

*In these situations, alternate metrics may be used. Note that 21st Century Scholars can use waivers to cover SAT/ACT costs, whereas the costs of other tests may not have waivers.