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Worship Arts Specialization

At Indiana Wesleyan University, a premier worship ministry school, we recognize the pivotal role worship plays in fostering community and spiritual growth. This understanding is at the heart of our Worship Arts specialization. Designed for those called to lead and innovate in worship ministry, this specialization equips students with a comprehensive theology of worship, blended seamlessly with practical ministry skills. This program through Wesley Seminary is an invitation to those aspiring to cultivate a vibrant, participatory worship culture within their ministry contexts. By requiring WSHP-520 along with a choice of one other Worship Arts specialization course, followed by any two of the remaining courses, this 12-hour specialization offers a flexible, yet robust curriculum tailored to meet the needs of today’s worship leaders, emphasizing our role as a leading worship ministry school.

What Will I Learn in this Worship Arts Program?

Our Worship Arts specialization is crafted to challenge, inspire, and equip you with the skills needed to lead effective worship experiences. From exploring the theological foundations of worship to mastering the art of creating inclusive and engaging worship settings, you will be prepared to handle the complexities of modern worship ministry. Our experienced faculty members, who are themselves practitioners in the field of worship arts, will guide you through the nuances of integrating theology with practice, developing your ability to foster a worship culture that resonates with your community’s spiritual needs. 

Indiana Wesleyan University invites you to join our Worship Arts track, where your passion for worship and ministry leadership can flourish. This program is more than just an academic pursuit; it's a journey toward transforming worship experiences, making them more meaningful, inclusive, and reflective of the Christian faith. In our leading worship ministry school, you will not only achieve a degree in worship ministry but also become a leader who can inspire and engage communities in profound worship practices.

Join us, and let’s redefine worship ministry together.

What You'll Study

Coursework for your worship ministry school degree covers (dependent on which courses you choose):

  • The role of music and the arts in congregational worship
  • An interdisciplinary theological examination of the relationship between popular culture and the Christian life of faith
  • The changing face of worship in the 21st century and offers helpful tools for discerning how emerging worship styles may be integrated into the student's own worship context
  • A theological study of Christmas, attending both to the original event of Christ's incarnation and its ongoing celebration in the life of the Christian church