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Pastoral Care Specialization

Pursuing the Pastoral Care specialization program at Indiana Wesleyan University marks the beginning of an enriching path toward spiritual guidance and counseling, blending the convenience of an online ministry degree with the profound insights of pastoral care. This program is thoughtfully designed to equip students for roles in pastoral ministry within both faith communities and para-church organizations, underscoring the essential practice of self-care as a cornerstone for effective spiritual leadership and support. Through a curriculum featuring key courses such as Crisis Counseling for Ministry, Marriage and Family Counseling for Ministry, and Cross-Cultural Counseling for Ministry, students are prepared with the necessary skills to offer compassionate pastoral counseling across a variety of challenging life situations.

What Will I Learn in this Pastoral Care Program?

At the heart of Indiana Wesleyan University's Pastoral Care specialization at Wesley Seminary is a commitment to preparing spiritual leaders who can adeptly navigate the intricacies of human experiences with empathy, theological wisdom, and a deep understanding of pastoral counseling principles. This degree in ministry online delves into practical techniques for pastoral crisis intervention, principles of family systems theory, and the exploration of multicultural considerations in counseling, aiming to produce pastors and spiritual guides proficient in addressing the nuanced spiritual needs of diverse individuals and families.

Through this specialization, students gain a deep appreciation for the theological and scriptural foundations that inform the dynamics of marriage and family life, enriching their counseling approach with a spiritually grounded perspective. The emphasis on cultural, racial, and religious sensitivity ensures that graduates are well-equipped to offer inclusive and effective pastoral care, honoring the diverse contexts and backgrounds of those they serve.

What You'll Study

Coursework for your pastoral care degree covers:

  • Preparing for pastoral ministries within a community of faith or other parachurch institutions, as well as students preparing for pastoral counseling
  • Pastoral crisis intervention techniques for various types of crises
  • Family systems theory as a framework to expose students to basic concepts in pre-marital, marriage and family therapy
  • Multicultural issues in counseling and pastoral care and explores the dynamics and complexities of culture, race, and religion in counseling as it relates to individuals and families